how big should an average bud be?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Growing' started by Stiney, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. Stiney

    Stiney Member

    Ok i know it depends on how well you grow your plants and all that but i was just wondering on average how big would a single bud be when dryed from your plants, in weight, what would be the average in grams? Thanks.
  2. rangerdanger

    rangerdanger Senior Member

    Buds are all different sizes.
    The ones on lower branches, near the stalk, are small.
    The ones on the ends of the branches near the top are large.
    On a prize 7.5' tall Hawiian I grew a while back there were a few buds near the top that were as long as the distance from my elbow to my fingertips. They weighed about 2 oz. each.
    But the buds on the lowest branch near the stalk were popcorn size. They weighed less than 1/2 gram each.
  3. Gandalf 1337

    Gandalf 1337 Member

    2 oz. each?!?!! Oh my lord...

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