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Discussion in 'Fashion and Crafts' started by kitty fabulous, May 10, 2004.

  1. kitty fabulous

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    22 get chocolate ice cream stains out of a pretty little girl's sundress? the catch: i can only use natural products, so stain-removers from grocery stores are not an option. (allergies.) i tried applying a paste of baking soda and laundry soap concentrate, followed by a cool soak, but i don't think i got to it in time. what about bleaching with peroxide or lemon juice? it's calico; green & pink flowers and pink checks on white bckgrounds. i don't want to lose the color in the flowers.
  2. cerridwen

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    :( I don't know... I was going to suggest a dry cleaner's... that's probably your best bet but I don't know how natural that is...
  3. daisymae

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    Have you already washed and dried it? You may not be able to get it out after that. Have you tried dish soap? I have gotten many a stain out by hand-scrubbing with that. Or if allergies are the problem, could you use a stain remover to get it out, and then wash the dress again in natural soap before she wears it?
  4. nimh

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    can you use oxiclean?
    and best of all, it rocks on stains, gets out just about everything.
  5. teepi

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    If you can't get it out, how about some embroidery over the stains??

    Years ago my friend had a seed pop on her blouse and caused a little burn and I embroidered a little pansy over it.
    When I worked, a friend at work got 3 dribbles of spaghetti sauce on a blouse and i did 3 little daisies over those....

    They also have beautiful iron ons now at the fabric stores in all sizes.
  6. day_tripper77

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    thats a really good idea.. i hope you're able to get the stain out, but if not, definitely embroider or put an iron on patch over it..

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