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Discussion in 'Masturbation' started by searisleofman, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. Im a guy and was wondering if anybody knew of any good things to use to masturbate that I can easily find around my house. get back to me asap
  2. seizedbyanger

    seizedbyanger Banned

    a silk blouse and some vaseline?
  3. PineMan

    PineMan Senior Member

    Take 2 lengths of foam rubber filling from inside of an old seat cushion.

    Wrap Cling Film around them.

    Bind the ends together with tape (ideally parcel or duct tape).
    The closer together you make the ends the tighter the end result.

    Lubricate up & enjoy yourself (water based lube, of course, otherwise petroleum based ones, such as Vaseline, will break down the molecular structure of the Cling Film - plus water based lube is easier to clean up).

    This makes a reasonable artificial vagina, but even so, nothing to equal a FleshLight - my best advice is not to bother trying to scrimp by making your own, but invest in a proper one. At least once you have your own FleshLight, it will become a household object in its own right.
  4. indian~summer

    indian~summer yo ho & a bottle of yum

    it doesn't have cuum in the word for nothing
  5. searchingfool

    searchingfool Member

    i personally love the vacuum. do it all the time.
  6. The Lone Wolf

    The Lone Wolf Member

    Another way to make a home made Fleshlight:

    1) cut both ends off a regular food can and clean it

    2) take some tube socks (the more socks you use, the tighter it will be), put the toe end through the can, and fold the top over the end of the can. Put the next sock inside the first, and so on. This will form the "pussy" hole

    3) take a thin garbage sack (or similar soft plastic bag) and put the closed end inside the socks and fold the top over the end of the can, the same way you did with the socks

    4) use a rubber band to hold the top of the bag and socks in place over the end of the can

    5) use some baby oil to lube up the inside of the bag and fuck it
  7. jnorton47

    jnorton47 Cosmic Traveler

    I would love to give you a hand with that. [​IMG]
    The tube from a roll of paper towels works well with some lubricant. :p
  8. kw23

    kw23 Member

    im a guy and i have the same problem. im a 20 year old man and i want even a real dildo but too ashamed to buy one in the sex store and i live at home so shipping is risky. im all for being creative though-- pms welcome for tips ;)
  9. PineMan

    PineMan Senior Member

    You can order online & either arrange for delivery to a friend's address, or even for collection from the Post Office.

    However, there isn't the same stigma that there used to be about sex shops. Those that work in them are used to catering for all sorts of things far more outlandish than a simple dildo.
  10. searchingfool

    searchingfool Member

    i would go to the adult shops. usually the people working there are non-judgmental, and have seen it all. they may also suggest some alternative items as well. not to mention, it is hardening to go there, and know that you are around other horny people, and what must be going through their minds.

    remember, the probability that you will meet someone there that would affect your future is pretty slim. your not seeing your boss there, and these people won't even remember you, even if you ask about outlandish shit.

    i have actually met other couples there and went back to their place for some voyeur fun.
  11. The Lone Wolf

    The Lone Wolf Member

    Porn clerks see all kinds in their stores, like 60 year old non-passable transvestites. A guy buying a dildo isn't going to faze them.
  12. hynkel

    hynkel Guest

  13. hynkel

    hynkel Guest

  14. raja748

    raja748 Member


    please let me know how do you use a vacuum for masturbation.
  15. pharmer420

    pharmer420 Member

    a vacuum is not the best idea for self pleasure. The suction is too great and may inflect injury to the fragile tissue inside the penis. The effects also may not be immeadiatly known. It could lead to ed farther down the road. But its your penis so do with it as you see fit.
  16. Boogie_Boy

    Boogie_Boy Member

    I'm in the same boat as you! Just try They send you stuff in a discreet, brown box with a fake name on it. I've done it twice. I assume your problem is you can't be at home for the deliveries???
  17. PineMan

    PineMan Senior Member

    I wouldn't be without my FleshLight & its various inserts now. Fortunately I live alone, so the problem about questions being asked about delivery doesn't arise. However, in my experience they have always arrived in plain, unmarked brown boxes, which could contain anything.

    Furthermore, if you're still bothered about not being able to take delivery personally, why not arrange to collect it from your local Post Office - or even from a friend's address?

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