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Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Sebbi, May 10, 2004.

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    My intent is to write poems that are lava hot, that burn straight through every part of you.

    Write 1 hot line, you'll be famous. Write a load of lukewarm stuff, you'll send people to sleep.

    From now on I will give you a heat rating, from 1-5. If it's warm enough for me to read all the way through I will find the lines that loose heat for you so you can fiddle them either to retain heat, or you can take them out.

    I want you to do the same for me. And I don't want people to be pretend everyone's poems are hot when really, they aren't.

    If I tell you your stuff isn't all that hot. Then don't worry, you can fiddle with the poem, make it work better, if not then you can throw that poem away or use it for material for a new poem.

    There is no use trying to beat a dead horse into running again.

    I wouldn't want you to think that you stuff is shit and you should stop where you are. It's like a process of composting, we all the old egg shells and spinach leaves of our experience, dump them on a heap (our mind) and when we write we basically turn it over, let it compost and then eventually a flower will pop up. If we compost enough, the flowers will get more and more beautiful and there will be more and more of them. If a flower comes up then it will also eventually die, poetry in a way is a snap shot of the flower. If it isn't particuarly beautiful and dies then it will be used as compost for the the other flowers that are growing.

    Is anyone willing to participate in my notion or should I shut up?


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    wow slow down............

    this is a good description of yourself

    to speak true

    well done for being you

    to delve in fire that blinds us all
    will only leave us lost
    for awhile
    passion creates the perfect
    opinion for what
    we i all know.............................

    just something you sparked in me after reading your thread
    love n peace
    from saff

    ps we all write what we feel think and have experienced
    or even touched upon in this life..............

    and true to all here we speak only truth from inside..
    but beware the lack of life as you write
    it only causes confussion for the end.....
  3. Sebbi

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    Have you read the work I've already contributed?
  4. Professor Jumbo

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    Hmm... If every line is lava hot then..? Then you are trying too hard. A poem where every line is lava hot is like a joke where every line is the punch line, or a murder mystery where on every page you find out who the killer is. "Hot" does not necessarily equal good, "not hot" does not necessarily equal bad.

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