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Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by TheJolta, Jan 18, 2005.

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    This dude I know in my english class is really cool and his parents are from India. So I was just hanging out with some other dudes during my break and they told me about how his dad owns a tobbacco shop with hookas and shit and how they told his dad they were friends with him and they gave them a glass hooka that usually costs like $110 for $25. It comes with a box, cleaning supplies, etc. I'm so pumped cuz I talked to the dude at school and he said that it'd be no problem to get one for me sometime next week.

    So it's about a 2 1/2 foot hooka with case and cleaning supplies for the amazing price of $25. They're imported from India too which is amazing considering that is where the hooka originated. Ahh this dude rules. Anyone else get some amazing deals?
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  3. JamesR420

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    man i went to a tobacco shop in las vegas once and i was fuckin amazed when i walked in. they had hookahs for 30 (big nice ones) and the spoons that usually run about 50 for 15 and a bunch of other shit. I had 300 bucks on me and wanted some shit but my dickhead brother and his friend (both 18) wouldnt buy me anything. They said theyll buy me cigs but nothing related to weed....assholes

    i did get a nice glass spoon off a friend for only 12 bucks once cuz he wanted money for bud.
    and once me and my friends went to the movies with a chick who was a friend and her boyfriend met us all there and he sold my friend a nice ass gllas spoon(im talking worth at least 40$) and a gram of white rhyno for 15 cuz he had to get rid of his stash.

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