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  1. Socratez

    Socratez Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Hey people,

    Just wanted to put out a tip for anyone into oils... I just picked up a new little toy called the honey bee extractor. Anyhow, its a pretty simple device (just a tube), and you connect a butaine cannister to it... push on the thing, and a few moments later... honey oil.

    Anyhow, IMHO, its an awesome way to salvage any herb that is really not very good to smoke (taste, or quality)....

    However, using a 1/2 O - it gave me about a gram of oil... (not even).... but the quality and and ease of use made me have to give this thing at least some type of review on here...

    Asside from not getting much, its quite hard to collect after the procedure, as well... its hard to put into a jar (very thick and hard to work with).... so.. saying that, any advice on collecting oil would be very appriciated ;)

  2. dd3stp233

    dd3stp233 -=--=--=-

  3. Socratez

    Socratez Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Hey DD,

    Well, I must admit, that did scare the crap out of me... probably enough to truly say, hey, I tried it, I got a nice little treat out of it, but will probably not do this again... wow, I knew it was flamable... so I stayed outside, but man, the exploion knoked down 3 walls? Yea, I like ganja, but not that much....

    Thank you very much for the heads up on this one.... appriciate it.

  4. BudBill

    BudBill Dark Helmet

    Well it is butane my man :) Outside and no smoking is the way to go.

    The real deal used to be cooked up on a stove or hot plate.

    Nice lil boogers though!
  5. 420hipman

    420hipman Member

    dont let that scare you into not making honey oil. Most people that make the oil use trimmings from growing, that way you dont have to use your actual buds on the oil cause like you said the ratio isnt that great.

    There are alot of butane extraction methods that people use. Most empty the butane into a pyrex cooking dish out of the tube and purge the cold oil with hot water. Once its purified, they use a razor to get it out.
  6. dd3stp233

    dd3stp233 -=--=--=-

    I'm not trying to scare anyone away from doing what they want to do, but yeah, butane is very flammable and if somebody is evaporating it indoors, it can build up in the room to explosive concentrations without the person realizing it, which then can be accidentally ignited by electrical devices, stoves/ovens, smoking, etc.
  7. Socratez

    Socratez Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Yea, I think the moral of the story is... never use this indoors... I found that all the head shops are selling this thing... but I would be much happier if the instructions said (never use indoors). I must admit, I felt bad after posting this - as I would hate someone to try it, and get hurt in the process... but maybe it was a good thing - and dd, I really appriciate your advice... I used it inside (never will again), and hopefully others will catch your warnings.

    I acctually saw tokinmoma demo it on cannibisculture.com - and she did it outdoors too... anyhow, aside from that, yea man... I do love those boogers ;)


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