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  1. Last night at work one of my co-workers and I were talking about writing/poetry. Well, she also tells me that she's psychic (which because of a couple of things she's done I do believe) but she has always had the hardest time getting into my head and telling me about my past. She hates it. Anyway, if your still reading this your probably asking yourself "What does this have to do with poetry?". Well, to try to get me to open up she gave me a little bit of homework. I would write a poem about my deepest feelings and she would write one in return. I'm thinking it was a way to get into my head. So I wrote her a poem...by the way it isn't any good in my opinion because the last time I wrote anything was in 2004. I'm trying to get back on the creative track though. Without farther interruptions I give you


    I have nothing to write, not one word to tell
    All of my memories are locked in a cell
    You make me smile wanting to know
    Who I might be deep down below
    For I do not know myself and I am not lying
    Sometimes it caused me to beging crying
    I've always denounced poems that rhyem
    And I will hate this one, just give it good time
    So here's "So long to you" my psychic friend Nat
    To you I give a bold tip of my hat​

    Well, that's it folks...I thought it was a clever kick in the junk.

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