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    I grew up in Vashti
    North Carolina
    out in the country
    where nobody had
    cell phones or cable tv
    I never wore shoes
    momma always said being barefoot
    made your feet tough enough
    to walk on the gravel
    We always knew
    when it was time to go barefoot
    when the Dogwoods bloomed
    I grew up
    with two brothers and two sisters
    I'm the baby
    My big brother Adam
    used to take me for rides
    on his dirt bike
    my little feet dangling on the sides
    as we rode throught the mountain air
    my brown hair
    messier than ever
    my Daddy
    always let me help him
    plant the garden
    I took it very seriously
    all day long
    just Daddy and me
    he would let me drive the tractor
    other times
    i rode on the wheel cover
    as he plowed the garden
    It was always tough on me
    being so little and all
    So I fell asleep
    head in the dirt
    feet straight up
    on the telephone pole
    I was homeschooled
    So I didnt have many friends
    except for the neighbor girl
    i used to dance with
    in the front yard
    the woods
    was my best friend
    my faeries and knomes
    helped me build forts out of rope
    and broken electronics
    I picked every flower i saw
    half i would give to momma
    and half i would keep
    I used to love to walk
    in the freshly tilled earth
    and the thorns in the woods
    would prick my feet
    but I refused shoes
    Momma says
    I talked to myself alot
    but there was always someone there
    I still live in Vashti North Carolina
    No one has cell phones or cable tv
    I never wear shoes
    and i walk on the gravel just fine
    I never go barefoot before the dogwoods bloom
    my legs dont dangle
    on the side of a dirtbike anymore
    but the mountain air still blows my brown hair
    Daddy still plows the garden
    and my toes
    always find themselves embedded
    in the freshly tilled earth
    Im done with school
    and i have many friends
    but i still dance in the front yard
    just my Ipod and me
    the wood is still my best friend
    the thornes still prick my feet
    because i refuse to wear shoes
    the faries and knomes
    welcome me
    each time i enter
    I'm 5'9
    almost 16 years old
    I have boobs now
    and a love for a man
    but I still pick flowers
    half for momma
    and half for me

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