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Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms' started by tiki_god7, Jan 2, 2005.

  1. tiki_god7

    tiki_god7 Member

    Hey I got some home grown mushrooms I think were picked late thus are starting to turn dark blue and black........are they safe to eat?

    and have another that looks like some white fuzz started growing up the side of one...is this one safe to eat?
  2. diktnemele

    diktnemele Member

    well they should be changing color like a dark rainbow when pick them possibly a purple or a dark blue .. so no u didn't pick them late and make sure u dry thme right
  3. pick them before the veil under the cap tears. This releases billions of spores which could be used for prints and also looses potency.
  4. tiki_god7

    tiki_god7 Member

    whats a proper way of drying them? its my first attempt so it didn't go to well...I think I may have 3 grams dried when the cakes are done......to dry them I've just been setting them out for the air to dry them....

    I found my mistake almost right away so I'm pretty positive that my next attempt will be a lot more successful
  5. nice. What went wrong? I just dry them using a bucket which stands 3 feet high and 2 feet wide. I have a mesh wire at the bottom and put all the shrooms there. Then I get a big fan to go over the bucket and fan them out. It takes about 3 days for them to dry. If I were you I'd eat them fresh there more potent.
  6. Oh yeah if you do dry them to pile the shrooms on top of each other.
  7. tiki_god7

    tiki_god7 Member

    when I punched holes in the lids of the jar it left little metal pieces at the bottum of the lid that poked holes in the tin foil under the lid of the jar so when I sterilized the jars water escaped. I put them away for a while and realised it wasn't working as planned so I checked on jar and found that was my error then just left the other jars alone as I didn't have any more verm. to try again...a few weeks later I notcied one jar had still colonized slightly so I took the cake out of the jar and kept it good and moist and to my surprised it started pinning....
  8. If you want a real good website on growing shrooms go to www.mycotopia.net If you read everything up on there you will become a shroom expert. I have read almost all there archive material and now know so much.

    have fun be safe
  9. tiki_god7

    tiki_god7 Member

    yeah thats where I got all my instructions.....I'm still working with these kinda 'failure' cakes just to expirement. so I tried something a little different, not sure if it'll work or not, tell me what you think: I took a cake that had two small fruitings, dunked it for a good while, then broke it up into some more ground rice/verm mix and am keeping it moist with a bleach/water mix trying to colonize some of the new verm. The only steralization I am using is the bleach water....do you think it will be enough to regrow the culture? and is the bleach water a safe way to go being strong enough to kill other contams yet weak enough to let the cultures develop and fruiting to begin? as that is what I have been doing to the other cakes to keep them moist and they have been producing, just very little. I didn't expect anything from this first batch as I know the cakes were originally dehydrated.....
  10. How long did you dunk it for? I don't use bleach even though many do. I find distilled water and the cake dunked for 14 hours to be efficient enough. Although if you are worried about contams use a tiny bit of bleach. Yeah if there wasn't much from the first batch there won't be from the second.

    What I am currently doing is I have 48 jars incubated, and I am doing Invitro tek. Which is by far the stealthiest way to grow shrooms. I advise you to do that next time you grow. You don't need a setup and it produces almost the same amount if you were to birth the cake. You just leave them in the jar the whole time

    good luck
  11. scotsman

    scotsman Member

  12. tiki_god7

    tiki_god7 Member

    I think since I'm still in the learning process I'm going to start about 5 or 6 jars invitro and take maybe one or two and expiriment with the PF style with them...funds are kinda low right now though so I need to wait before I can get more supplies

    and you say you dunk a cake for 14 hours? wow maybe I shold dunk more....I left it for only about 5 hours, and in cold water right?
  13. Yeah dunk alot longer than that. Some even dunk 24 hours which i dont find nessary, but it could help more. Experiment around a bit and look at different ways you find suitable. If you need any more advice feel free to ask, but I can't give you nearly as much advice as thoughs mycotopians do.
  14. WeeDMaN

    WeeDMaN a pothead

    fill a spray bottle 50/50 with water and bleach, turn all fans and furnaces off and spray this solution on mist to kill spores in a room(like a kitchen or w.e) then carefully add the spores, easy as that.

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