home abortions reach new record

Discussion in 'U.K.' started by jonny2mad, May 29, 2006.

  1. jonny2mad

    jonny2mad Senior Member


    apparently we have 10,000 home abortions a year using chemical means thats about a third of all the abortions in the country .

    what are your thoughts about abortion and at home chemical abortion, BPAS described the trend as a "success" for sexual health, is it or are people using abortion as the new pill or condom ?
  2. Amble

    Amble Member

    could you please elaborate on the word "chemicals" as used in home abortion. Chemicals could mean anything. I'm guessing they're actual packaged-for-the-purpose-of-abortion chemicals. Not just things like domestos or other "household chemicals"
  3. brothwood

    brothwood Member

    i'm stuck between two views on this. i could never myself with a child of mine have an abortion with my girlfriend/wife etc. althought i also believe that i shouldn't be able to force my beliefs because they are personal. I do not want an society in which my views are always enforced, aotherwise nobody would ever eat an animals.

    so i guess my conclusion is that i am against abortion, but believe in the freedom of choice, although its gets messy when discussing it in a legal killing etc, so i guess i do not really know, i can only live by my own ethics and standards.
    sorry that was no help :&
  4. jonathan_s

    jonathan_s Member

    Personally i'm for abortion. I think what most people miss is that in a lot of cases the mother goes through a lot of psychological trauma in making such a decision about that. But if the mother say got pregnant by being raped and she feared that the rapist would then want access to the child I would personally say that she has every right to do so. I guess it could be the same if the parent worked in a brothel or something or was heavily involved in drugs and alcohol, would you really want a child being born into a situation like that?
    But then you could say that she could just have the baby and give it up for adoption but again I think that could cause further trauma to the mother as she may form a sudden bond with the the child which is when I guess social services would become involved and then various battles would start with possibly having courts involved now again would you really want to drag a child through the courts? I think not.
  5. Amble

    Amble Member

    A comedian once said...

    'It gets to me a bit when people say "i'm against abortion, except in cases of rape". Thats like saying, it's ok to kill a child if it's father was an asshole.'

    I persoanlly believe it's none of my business what people want to do with children they do or do not want. They aren't my kids, and so i have no say in the matter. If the mother wants an abortion, she should be able to have one. And no-one should be allowed to say otherwise.
  6. jonny2mad

    jonny2mad Senior Member

    what would be the difference between abortion and say killing a baby that you have if you no longer want the baby, is birth the point where someone becomes human?

    and do you think people who kill babys should get lighter sentences than people who kill say 23 year old men .

    at 23 I would think your more aware than you were as a baby although i suppose you have less potential of years of life at 23 than you had at one lets say
  7. jonathan_s

    jonathan_s Member

    Personally I would say birth is the point when someone becomes a human. I guess it would depend on various circumstances when it comes to someone killing a baby than compared to someone killing a 23 year old guy.
  8. Amble

    Amble Member

    but we aren't talking about killing a grown adult human being. Murder isn't called abortion. The word itself defines it as a different act. It's the act of stopping something happening before it has a chance to happen. For example, 'abort the mission'. The mission has not yet been completed and should be stopped. I know i would personally much prefer there to be less unloved children in the world. If that means stopping them being born so that their parents and the world don't have a chance to fuck them up then so be it.

    People forget that we as human beings are still animals. They strive every day to distance themselves from their wild foreforeforeforefathers. There is no such thing as unwanted children in the animal kingdom. Mainly because they have the need to keep the species going. The human species is far far far far over the number required to keep the species going, because of medicine and the fact we have no natural predators except ourselves. Basically, there are too many people in the world. So, to me, anyone who would rather not bring another screaming child into a world that doesn't really have room for them is doing people a favour.
  9. jonny2mad

    jonny2mad Senior Member

    well whether there are too many children or people is a matter of opinion and in the west and japan we have a declining birthrate anyway so we need more children .

    but the argument against abortion is that life begins before a baby is born and so it is a form of murder , what is the difference between a baby breathing air and one that hasnt started breathing air yet that makes killing one murder and killing the other ok .
  10. jonathan_s

    jonathan_s Member

    I disagree with you there jonny, to me life begins once you have been born up until then you are just a foetus inside a womb.
  11. Amble

    Amble Member

    a very simple way of explaining my version of things in my head is like a cake. Before it's finished, it's just goop in a baking tin. It needs the time in the oven to make it into a cake. Otherwise it's just goop.
  12. jonathan_s

    jonathan_s Member

    Hahaha that's a good way of thinking

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