Hollywood Actresses Cheat Their Kids Into College

Discussion in 'Latest News' started by Motion, Mar 12, 2019.

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  2. Motion

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    These parents could have saved themselves $6.5 million just by getting their kids to actually study to get into college. What a waste of money. LOL
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    i thought this thread was going to be about actresses sucking dick for grades for their kids
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    The John Joseph Moakley Federal Courthouse in Boston was buzzing today

    Hollywood actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, have been indicted by the FBI and the U.S. attorney's office in Boston in an alleged far-reaching bribery scheme that involved college athletic coaches and college entrance exam administrators — nabbed in a bust that was dubbed by feds as "Operation Varsity Blues."

    Court documents, which were unsealed Tuesday morning, allege that the accused aimed to facilitate students getting into high-profile D-1 schools, including Georgetown, Stanford, UCLA, Yale, University of Texas, University of San Diego, University of Southern California and Wake Forest as recruited athletes regardless of their athletic ability.
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    Who knows what they did. keep an eye on the news all this week.
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    This isn't anything new. It's been going on for ages. How do you think George W. Bush got into Harvard and Yale? It certainly wasn't because of his academic abilities!
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    The funny thing is Felicity Huffman has been charged with felony conspiracy to commit mail fraud, and she’s married to William H. Macy who wasn’t charged, which is odd because if anyone on earth looks like a criminal it’s William H Macy (and not because of his role in Fargo)

    ............or is it because he was just so damn convincing as a criminal in Fargo …lol…
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    And every single one of them voted for Hillary Clinton.. Imagine my surprise, not..
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  10. bft4evr

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    The adults should go to jail and the kids should be expelled. For every kid that was admitted this way there is some deserving student who got screwed.
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  11. Motion

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    I'm really surprised that only the mother was in on this and not the father. The father had to have known something.
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    I don't know anything about the education system but I was always led to believe good colleges and universities were often given bribes from families with a lot of money.

    Ty to Sopranos for teaching me that. :p
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    the right way is to endow a professorship or donate directly to the university ie build a sports field or a library...these people didnt do that

    I thought most universities offer scholarships so that poor people can go for free to offset the rich douchebags whp get in because they are rich??
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    I think education is as much as a business as it is education. Much like pharmaceutical business. You think they're in it for the people but I don't believe it.
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    One of the public radio stations I scan past on the way to anything better had scant coverage of this. But what I caught was some guy suggesting that the children probably didn't know. Which I guess is meant to open a crack of sympathy for them?!?!?

    1. They're the ultra-privileged spawn of very wealthy parents. (They are not DACA kids whose parents are peasants)
    2. I can just hear all of the parents saying "Do you know how much I had to pay to get your D average ass into Princeton?". Nightly.

    What I want to know is who are the operators of these various scams? Do they overlap? Where in the hell are the school administrators in all of this?

    This kind of scandal could spell the end of easy "guaranteed" student loan money. The impact on middle class suckers could be huge. That is, if the leftist press doesn't rush in and run cover for the schools. It would be easy to dump the whole thing into the laps of the parents, but they are just greedy assholes looking to boost their own brats.

    The schools on the other hand, are a sacred trust. A cornerstone of success in the US (or at least that's the perception). If the top tier can't be trusted, and the bottom tier can't be trusted (yea Beverly, I'm talking about you down there in the hot seat), where will people invest in education?
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    This is from 2017. Lori Loughlin and her daughter discuss going to college.

  18. hotwater

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    Lori Loughlin from Full house to the Big House [​IMG]

    She's been ordered to appear in Boston at the John J Moakley Federal Courthouse on March 29th - the paparazzi’s will be out in force
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  19. WritersPanic

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    Hah, she "was in complete denial". Bwahahahahahahaha

    She already knew she rigged the game and that SHE was going to win. PURE privilege and her color had little to do with it. Her MONEY opened all of the doors for her kid while slamming them in the face of a kid who actually deserved it.

    Fuck these aristocrats. I'm sick of the American royalty.

    Homemade porn is better!
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    They would suck dick for their kids to get into college. In Hollywood that is the way to get in. Anyway thats not cool at all. I am thinking of the family who would love to give their kids a college eduction but cannot or the parents that work three jobs a day to get into a college or the kid that has to study instead of having fun to get into college. Most American parents and students work their ass off so they can have the American dream.
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