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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by Applespark, May 13, 2004.

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    I always have these very weird dreams they are very vivid and then when the alarm clock gose off I swear to god every morning I forget my dream by sound of alarm..its so frustrating. Then I have this dreambook I have had forever and it almost never has in it what I dreamt of.

    So Here is what I remember of last nights dream...See if you can help me sort out what that is.

    I remember my feance spilling some trash and it splashed out onto our kitchen floor and there was these longish white worms that were "magots"

    the other part of my dream was that I heard something outside and I looked out my window and two young adults a girl and a guy were one one bike..she was on the handle bars and they rode over my lawn in the middle of the night right past my window into my backyard. I was standing in the window and I frandicly turned to tell my feance that there were people in my yard when they rode out and I yelled at them from my window to get out of my yard or something. They stopped on my lawn and then a man in black ran out of our yard too and hid behind something. I was scared at his point. The two people told me he was just curious as to who we were and I asked them why he didnt just come say hi...I could see him quivering in fear behind something...weird!!!
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    Hi Applespark

    maybe it helps when you let go the need to remember the dreams, and instead take your waking life like you would take a dream and get impulses from that refresh and rebuild you from inside and help you change and find what is yours. There is not so much a difference. The waking world just seems a little bit more solidified and more like in slow motion. But what you feel like missing with the dreams, it is all here and not lost when the alarm goes and you shift in awareness.

    The dreams tell you that your world is changing and inviting you to change with it. They ask you to look on it all from a place of wonder and awe and embrace the fears and not be overwhelmed by them. And all the others around you they just help you with it.

    Thank you and have a great day today!

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