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Discussion in 'Georgia' started by mrman4, Sep 1, 2013.

  1. mrman4

    mrman4 Guest

    Doesn't seem to be alot of activity in this forum. I made a profile to meet some like minded people in GA. I recently lost my two best friends because they think im a tad to intense when it comes to being a free soul. In other words i don't follow stupid rules like they did. So i hope to meet some people with similar interest. So if your out there speak up!
  2. Vickerycr

    Vickerycr Members

    What's up mutually weird friend!
  3. Alice in SC

    Alice in SC Members

    You sound like my husband!
  4. LyzGa

    LyzGa Members

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  5. Deejay2018

    Deejay2018 Visitor

    Let’s party lol well there are ppl you can chat with freely here and speck your mind but welcome to the forum
  6. canwegroove

    canwegroove Member

    Anyone going to phish.
  7. canwegroove

    canwegroove Member

    Wish i could find one also
  8. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    I wouldn't call myself hippy. I'm probably like the opposite of a hippy really. Sure I like smoking weed and having wild sex and... drugs. But I'm also not peace man peace man. Peace man. Hey duuude have some peace. A lot of the time I am more frantic. I don't know peace, all I know is the grind. :D and now days it just don't pay to be a good ol' girl.
  9. canwegroove

    canwegroove Member

  10. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    Cause there's too much bullshit in life and too many people out there that'll bring you down that this notion of "life's to short to hate and gotta have peace" just doesn't work for me. Kudos if it works for others but it doesn't work for me. Now back in the day when things were simpler sure, but not in 2018. It's too frantic, so what worked before doesn't work for me now. So nowadays it doesn't pay to be peaceful and honest and devout and open. Only way I'm getting through life is to grind it out, to take harsh reflections on people and things because they're out to get me no doubt a bout it, they're all snakes! And just because you can't see them doesn't mean they're not out there to get you.
  11. canwegroove

    canwegroove Member

    Wow i guess if you say so
  12. canwegroove

    canwegroove Member

    Not everyone is out to get you though is what im saying. There are very good people everywhere.
  13. Amerijuanican

    Amerijuanican Members

    You have to be very careful these days in picking friends. The truly hippy days are long, long gone.
    In my experience life is easier if you learn to spot who to avoid and move away quickly. There are good people out there but it's a tough world these days. Stay strong.
    The phrase "not everyone is your friend" was never truer, now it's more like "everyone use each other for what you can, then crush and move on.
    After my past, I've been mostly a recluse but re-united with an old "friend"...he got me, and moved on too. It happens. F it..
  14. canwegroove

    canwegroove Member

    Yea thats very true also but i still keep the dream alive.

    GLENGLEN Lifetime Supporter

    There's Not Much I Can Say.....Except.....I Couldn't "Agree With You Less".....:astonished:

    Cheers Glen.
  16. canwegroove

    canwegroove Member

    One of the main reason i dont keep any friends but maybe two.
  17. Noserider

    Noserider Goofy-Footed Member

    Hmm...I'm like Irm in that despite espousing certain hippie qualities, I wouldn't consider myself a hippie.

    To me, it seems like hippie is a label one must confirm to meet. I don't play that.

    I just want waves, love, sunshine, punk rock, beer and a good b-ball game. Whatever that's called. That's what I am :)
  18. canwegroove

    canwegroove Member

    Yea i understand all of that but i still hold onto certain values.
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  19. Mountain Valley Wolf

    Mountain Valley Wolf Senior Member

    That wasn't the original thing at all, man. It was all about being an individual and breaking free of the plastic mold of the Father Knows Best status quo left over from the 1950's that hung too heavy in the air through the mid 60's at least. You expressed who you wanted to be, how you wanted to be, and what you wanted to be. You could wear as outlandish a get up as you wanted, or be at the peak of modesty in Victorian high fashion. There was no cultural appropriation back then, becasue if you put on something then, its because you dug it, and you wanted to dig the culture it represented. I guess that really started to change when being a hippie became 'Mod,' and 'Pop' and Park Avenue made it Mainstream. I think the British had a lot to do with that too.

    But through everything, I think it was still always about the individual, and there was a sense of living life to the fullest, whatever that meant to each person----but it certainly meant not falling into the trap of a 9 - 5 work week, with pinochle on Thursday Nights, bowling on Saturday and church on Sunday, and that is your whole life from then on, except that you also begin to more and more deaden your senses in alcohol, because you are a slave to the system, and your life and your whole world is meaningless. I mean, yeah, you might have to do the 9 - 5 thing to survive---but that means you have to try all that harder the rest of the time to not fall into that rut.

    I still put great value on Peace, Love, Freedom, and Happiness. But Peace is an ideal, it is not a reality---we have to fight for it. If we fight for it, look for it, we can find it between people. But between Nations, that takes more work, more concerted efforts.

    But for peace and love around you----I guess you have to revert to words that in more recent years, I was ashamed of using (later they seemed too stupid and idealistic to me, and when I happened to hear a tape of how we talked back then, I was embarrassed)---I'm talking about words like, vibes. cosmic consciousness, and that kind of New Age vocabulary. But I can't deny what we meant. There are days I can put on a smile and feel good about everyone and everything, and its a whole different loving world. ANd strangers everywhere are cool and friendly with me. And there are days where someone elses bad vibes are too strong, or there is something bad in the air. There are days I'm pissed off or in a funk, and the world is not so loving.

    Irminsul, you have to find your escape. Neo has it. You stay in the daily grind and in the end, you are nothing more than a slave. We have returned in too many ways to the 1950's. We live in an overly objective world filled with modern day overlords. They will throw you bones to make you think you are getting somewhere in this increasingly meaningless world, but they are really just spurring you on to drive faster and harder. The true definition of a slave is to be objectified into nothing more than a tool. The daily drive leads to little more than a drive of slavery. And whatever success you achieve will be worthless unless you have broken out of that box. That escape needs to bring meaning and value into your life. Wild sex and drugs could be that escape----fighting Apollo and his control with Dionysus and his ecstacy. But if it is just allowing you to hide from a meaningless existence, by burying yourself into meaningless hedonism, then you need something else, or to approach it differently. And sometimes, you might have to do something incredibly crazy to break away----Like just saying, 'screw it!' and taking off to some exotic foreign land...
  20. canwegroove

    canwegroove Member

    Amen brother
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