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Discussion in 'Hippies' started by joawesome, May 19, 2007.

  1. joawesome

    joawesome Member

    Are hippies socialist or communism? Neither? Anything?
    I am trying to live the hippie lifestyle minus the sex and drugs part.
    I'm writing a paper for school about the positive effects of the hippie movement. I want to know what class system and political beliefs are the most important to hippies. I am liberal myself and bi-curious. Can anyone tell me what I should write in my paper about socialistic hippies or something??


  2. joawesome

    joawesome Member

    This isn't just a poll. I want help with the topic I listed about beliefs and politics.
    aim: joawesome08
  3. First: there is no option for the readers who have yet to lose their virginity. They ARE out there, I'm sure. Also, "hippie lifestyle minus the sex and drugs part." Whoa. But uhh, Good luck with your schoolwork! Peace energy your way... Unlearn.
  4. joawesome

    joawesome Member

    It is implied that the poll is for non-virgins. And btw, I am a virgin.
    I don't do drugs either.
    Does anyone know what political system hippies believe in?
  5. Isil

    Isil Member

    To be a hippie is simply to live how you wish.

    Being kind to others and retaining an open mind is kind of at the heart of it, I think...

    So technically, there isnt such thing as a "Hippie political system." There really arent any set standards in the Hippie movement...only standards which you set for yourself.
  6. The_Moroccan_Raccoon

    The_Moroccan_Raccoon Senior Member

    Hippies are generally pacifists, earth loving, compassionate non-conformists, with a love of art, music and their fellow man...thats about it. It says nothing about politics, and little about lifestyle...
  7. Ethel

    Ethel Member

    This is just what I think, and may well be bullshit, so take it with as many grains of salt as you like...

    Human nature being what it is, those who believe in hippie-like ideals of peace, love, protecting the planet at the expense of the almight dollar, are always going to be in the minority. Or maybe I just have a really dim view of human nature... Anyway, I believe hippies are likely to always be a minority in mainstream Western culture, so no major political group really represents them.

    In Oz, I'd say maybe the Greens would be as close to a hippie-friendly party as any, but you can't neccessarily take them at face value, either. I genuinely don't know what sort of system of governance would evolve in a hippie-dominant culture, should there ever be one... someone who's dwelt in a commune might be able to shed some light on how those communities regulate themselves, then multiply that by a bigger population...?

    What's politics got to do with virginity?
  8. Box Of Rain

    Box Of Rain Member

    ultra liberal and a kind loving pacifist :)

    thats how i plan to stay.
  9. joawesome

    joawesome Member

    Nothing, I just thought I'd throw in a little poll on the side.
  10. L.A.Matthews

    L.A.Matthews Senior Member

    They're conservative within their own liberalism.
  11. Yogi Bhairava

    Yogi Bhairava Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Namaste Joawasome, What you will read here may conflict with what alot of you youngsters want to think, but I am simply speaking from my experiences with what began and evolved as the original Hippie psychedelic culture in and out of the Haight Ashbury, where it all came from, and also looking at Hippie from a higher consciousness perspective. The core of Hippie was about the higher consciousness effects that were experienced as a result of the LSD use. Now you all can moan and groan, but you can't be hip without seeking to achieve and live genuine higher consciousness states. Now this can be done without LSD, but truthfully only the Kundalini can deliver such profound levels of divine consciousness. Hanging out. being what is considered cool, listening to music, being close to nature, are hip offshoots, far from the actual profundity of what original real Hippie in the Haight was. I notice the "Om' in the hand of "Box of Rain", a cool name by the way. Yogic and meditational offshoots came out of Hippie because of the higher consciousness reached through the acid. Read my "Next Step" thread. To gain the "hipness" of the original core Hippie movement, expanding the mind authentically is essential. But it can and should be done with "real Yoga. If any of you potential heads and freaks can connect to what I'm saying here, you will dig it forever. Y.B. P.S. Sex is not an issue baby, only consciousness is. Peace and flowers.
  12. mandell

    mandell Banned

    Yes, I agree, Yogi B to all that. Namaste by the way.

    Even Timothy Leary et. all, tried to conduct controlled attempts to gain a better understanding of this higher consciousness. Unfortunately, the pigs, the narcs, "straight" establishment and the powers that be at that time felt their vested interests were threatened and basically shot him down...
  13. dixie_pixy

    dixie_pixy HighMandi

    I don't know where I stand as far as politics. There are too many liers and it's hard to tell the good people from the bad people. I know that I want a world where everyone can be themselves and do as they please without worrying about crime. I DESIRE TOTAL PEACE! How do you get that from politics... you don't. I know that politics are written into our souls and odds are will never be escaped from. Even when you put children together they will work our a sort of hierarchy amongst themselves with someone designated to pick what game they play etc. "No... I'm the leader!"
    This is possibly because it's what they have been taught from their parents. Being told to be independent and take change.... whatever.
    So, the struggle to peace and happinesses in the world will be a long one. However, I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get to that point! So am I liberal? Am I conservative? Honestly, I am whatever it is that gets the job done. I will work to achieve the unachievable and do it to the best of my abilities.
  14. lifelovefun

    lifelovefun Member

    Beliefs are basically Love All and do whatever you want as long as you don't hurt someone.

  15. :agree:

    Take the Green Party (along every other political party with a grain…or handful of salt.) One person never represents an entire group. At the same time though, I find something ironic. One story comes to mind when I think of a particular conversation I had with an individual sitting, representing the Green Party at an event table. When you are trying to represent a party which is supposed to stand for the protection of the environment one of the worst things one could do is tell a story about how a Green Party Advocate was driving around with Green Party stickers on the bumper This person flung a cigarette butt out the window and got pulled over and given a littering ticket. The person telling the story did not seem to see that the hypocrisy was not helping the cause of the environment. Instead the focus of the story was the dissatisfaction of such ticket.

    Imagine though if hypocrisy was a crime which actually was punished in all cases. As opposed to only select cases. This is however a separate issue completely.
    Don’t stop learning :oops:
  16. crazylegs

    crazylegs Member

    Humans are just very complicated monkies so you can't really expect them to get along all the time. Actually they make a bigger mess of things than monkies by a long shot. We have invented all kinds of systems, political, religious, educational, judicial, corporate, to make things "easier", more efficient, more "fair". After 10,000 years or so of trying this stuff have we succeeded? Doesn't look that way to me. Just got better at mass murder and destruction of the planet. There has certainly been an increase in personal constraint by any or all of these systems so that people are squeezed into rigid patterns so that they behave themselves and don't stir up too much trouble, but at the same time the leadership who craves power gets some and they end up doing all the terrible things that individuals are not supposed to do. There has been the Anarchist movement whose goal is to remove all sorts of rule by hierarchical systems but this has really gotten nowhere and the anarchists I have met seem no more enlightened than all the rest. People always want more of everything for themselves and their offspring or tribe. When rescources are limited, which they are getting more and more with what is it now, 8 billion of us?, there are power struggles and some groups always end up at the bottom and their grievances are never dealt with so they fester and they suffer from disease and exploitation and turn to crime and violence. So human monkies are really very primitive creatures when you look at them in the long term. This "modern" industrial civilizarion has only been around for a couple hundred years or so. What will life be like in another thousand or a million or a billion? Beings on other worlds have surely gotten to more advanced stages. Are they more humane, less violent, less greedy? Not knowing any personally, I can't say. Thing is, being basically weak and often stupid, humans will seek power and domination over each other for quite a while yet. At some point hopefully we will evolve to the point that we become telepathic and we realize that we have to treat everybody like we would want to be treated and all that good stuff. Until then I'm voting Democratic.
  17. crazylegs

    crazylegs Member

    Oh yeah. I lost my virginity when I was 18.
  18. Human monkeys are rather primitive creatures. All it takes is one really stupid monkey to take the first step in destroying the world. Like good little monkey sheep, people will follow whether they realize or not. Perhaps one day people may perhaps evolve forward rather than backwards; until that day may come, well we are screwed regardless of who we vote in. Of course when both options are evil it seems better to pick the lesser of the two. (Until a day comes along where one may have some more opinions and perhaps at that point one of the choices may not be evil.)
  19. Lady Neko

    Lady Neko Member

    sweet 16 cause i was in love. then 5 years later we got married cause that love was still there. and now we have been married 3 years and i still love him more each day.
  20. Quoth the Raven

    Quoth the Raven RaveIan

    Treasure it.. got fucking dumped today. Ah well, we go on.

    Politics? Anarchist all the way. or at least anti-hierarchist. Government should be devolved to a local level, elected councils like back in ye olde days of yore ;)

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