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Discussion in 'Canada' started by fi_J, May 13, 2004.

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    well, i know there's 2 of us in the new forums, but i wanted to start this thread to share ideas about what to see and do in ottawa.

    please post any ideas, experiences or links for the benefit of those living in or just visiting ottawa! absolutely anything... here's a few of my ideas:

    fabulous, healthy veggie food in funky places:
    *the green door, 198 Main St (world famous... ani difranco eats here!!)
    *wild oat bakery, 817 Bank (in the glebe... love their vegan hempseed brownies.)
    *peace garden, 47 Clarence St (stuck in a tiny indoor mall in the market, but surrounded by trees and a fountain. friendly staff, not always the fastest service, but nice to get away from downtown chaos for a bit.)
    *perfection satisfaction promise, 167 Laurier Av E (in the middle of ottawa u campus, same owners as peace garden. tiny little doorway, into tiny little place. specialise in baked potatoes smothered in all kinds of different toppings, or replace potato with brown rice.)

    art of all kinds:
    *green door and wild oat both display local artists' work on their walls.
    *rasputin's folk cafe, 696 Bronson Ave is a tiny unassuming place, very relaxed, and i plan to check it out more, since i will be living just around the corner. very intimate setting for all kinds of folk music and other live performances.
    *ottawa arts court, 2 daly ave. home to earth*tones drum circle on sundays. (
    Sundays 7:30-10:15 p.m. Earth*tones: drum and dance circle. Arts Court, 2nd floor, Studio B, 2 Daly at Nicholas. $3-$5 cover. Call 567-7244.)
    *the national gallery, 380 Sussex Drive. free admission to regular exhibits. favourite parts for me are contemporary art (always something new to check out), and the group of seven in the canadian galleries. the court yards are nice too... lovely architecture!
    *artist trading cards... i've heard rumours there are folks who trade art cards at the green door once a month. learn more here. or maybe they're at the arts court now.

    get involved:
    *peace and environment resource centre,
    174 First Avenue (corner of Bank) top floor. they publish PEN... which has far more interesting news than any paper you pay for. look for it in health food stores and veggie restaurants!
    *ottawa veg*ns, hooked up through meetup.com (vegetarian and vegan groups), kept together by vaalea, who maintains the web site.
    *ottawa animal advocates, started by a couple of folks from the ottawa veg*ns meetups.

    and that's just scratching the surface!
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    I've a few friends in ottawa, so I've visited a few of those places... but there's some that I'm not familiar with... I'll check it out the next time I'm up there! Thanks so much for posting those places, it sounds interesting...

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