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Discussion in 'Opiates' started by paraquat, Jan 14, 2005.

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    been a recreational user for over 25yrs
    and have done many things some that probably dont exist anymore.
    but I have 2 questions that need real answers not speculation or guesses.
    1st I currently get fentanyl patches from the VA
    and when its time to change them they always have alot of the med still inside left manufacturer knows this is a problem
    what I have been doing is opening the old patch and eating the left over med this is a real waste of the drug
    so I need to know i anyone knows how to get the med thin enough and keep it that way so I can injet little bits as needed and please only tell me if you know it to work or tell me of a place to find out
    2nd I got some 50mg meperidine pills and want to know he best way to get these in a syringe
    I recall back when I did heroin it needed to be heated
    but other tings like dilaudid didnt need cooking
    so if anyone knows the best metod please tell me
    thanks in advance
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    Meperidine, that's demerol right? Crush em up real fine, put the powder in a spoon, mix it real good with a little water, draw it up through some cotton (so you don't get any undissolved powder in there) and go for it.

  3. Maggie Sugar

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    Fent isn't merperidine, it's fent. And it's in a concentrated gel liquid form. Fent is very strong, shooting even a few micrograms too much can shut down your breating. I have NO idea how you could do this. Please be careful. Couldn't you just leave the old patch on? Then just kind of piggy back the new one at the same time, then you could remove the old one if you got too wasted?

    I would think this would be safer than trying to slam fent. It's heavy duty stuff.
  4. headymoechick

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    or you could squeeze the remainder on some tinfoil and smoke it. I've never booted anyhting so I havbe no idea how to do it.

    You can shoot anything though so I imagine there is a way if you're really gung ho about it.

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