High estrogen diet (no hormones)

Discussion in 'Transexual and Transgender' started by secretasianman, Jun 26, 2020.

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    I've been on a high estrogen diet, while exercising to lose muscle mass for almost a year. Has anyone also been on one without taking hormones? I don't see any breast growth, but my nipples are more sensitive, and I also seem to have erectile issues. I feel like I look a little more feminine, but I still look like a man. Is taking hormones and surgery the only way to go?
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    Any kind of do-it-yourself hormone therapy is dangerous, including diet. Phytoestrogens won't cause noticeable breast growth.

    Prescribed hormones will improve the emotional state of most trans women, and they will also cause some feminization of the body, including the face and breasts. You can also make changes surgically, but doing so before taking hormones is not recommended. Most surgeons follow standards, which require you to have been on hormones for a year prior to surgery.

    I would strongly recommend talking to a gender therapist about these things, to understand your goals and to learn how to go about attaining them. At the very least, you should participate in discussions with other transgender people, in real life or online, because you can learn a lot from the experience of others.
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    Well... I'm not a trans person, and while I'm a cisgender man, I feel like you could be ok without hormones or the surgery. Most people will learn to love you for who you are and who you've become, not based on how you look, or how well you look the part...

    If you are a member of a large trans community, you may find that it's more popular though to take the hormonal route. :)
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