Hi (:

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by kkush, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. kkush

    kkush Guest

    Hi there...

    Found this randomly which I was looking up information regarding that krocodil drug, I only just read about it today for the first time.

    Looking forward to being here :)
  2. kkush

    kkush Guest

    Could someone explain how to use a custom avatar?
  3. KimberlyG

    KimberlyG Member


    I wish I knew:confused:
  4. roamy

    roamy Senior Member

    welcome kus :)
  5. BeachBall

    BeachBall Nosey old moo

    Hi there KK :seeya:

    You can only have a custom avatar if you pay to support the site. Those of us who don't have to choose one of the standard avatars.

    But there's no shortage of standard avatars to choose from :)
  6. jimmyjoe1

    jimmyjoe1 toker Lifetime Supporter

    Welcome kush..:ssmokeit:

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