hi yall, stories and first times?

Discussion in 'MDMA - X' started by akatweak, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. akatweak

    akatweak Member

    well hey yall im new just want'n to hear like minded peoples side of the story of life... anyways I feel in love with e. anyways what are all your stories, first time experiances?

    i member my first time some blue mickymouses
    in a two bed hotel room with two dudes and my girl and her friend... and the other dudes girl... it was awsome getting that first peak... I remember before hand i started yawning alot and figured i was gonna fall asleep then BAM... I sat up and I started smiling and my hands felt so damn light... then everyone else was like yall feel it so we turned the strobe light on and put some GAY techno on... it was nice... started getting and giveing rubb downs and then this guy i really didnt know asked me if i ever ridden the cloud thing... i was like no so him an my buddy pick me up im on my back the other guys holding me by my shoulders and my buds got my feet... dude... it felt like i was floating... anyways the night went good till that weird guy started following me around and then out of nowhere he started rubbing my head!!! I was like WHAT the FUCK... in my head... i was feelin to nice to say stopp!!!! so yeah i found out he was bi-sexual so i was weirded out the rest the night till my girl started kissing me WOW...

    yup so a few years later... i ended up being one of those guys who pops like 10-15 a night... people say im really chilled on the shit... but i didnt like the fact i was popin so many so i looked into the stuff and recently iv been getting the pure mdma which i like cus now i can take one good dose maybe 150-200miligrams or a lower dose and mix it with some other stuff if im in the mood...

    but ive been dry now since i was arrested and put in prison for felony evading the police even though i only drove two blocks down the street... i wasnt even fuck up thats the kicker...

    soon several ounces mdma will find its way into my hands
    and im sure ill be talking to yall posting some pic's

    peace and much love
  2. Tedd

    Tedd Member

    aye bro - sounds sexual. As they say - once you pop, you cant stop. Used to pop a few a night like you, after while i just found myself not enjoying it as much as i used to - so i just kinda stopped. Since then i only been poppin once or twice a month. I haven't tried the pure mdma, is that powder? Is it good?
  3. Former_E-tard

    Former_E-tard Member

    My first time was last summer with my roommate/best friend and we popped 2 1/2 Blue music notes a piece and it was prob the most amazing thing I've ever experienced. We started by listening to some techno then we played with glow sticks and a couple fleece blankets. We had a couple heart-to-hearts and I probably smoked like 2 packs of cigarettes. We stayed up all night until the dawn and went outside and walked in the damp grass. Then we finally started to come down 7 hours later and passed out. It was great and probably the best bonding experience ever.
  4. PsychMyke

    PsychMyke Senior Member

    pure mdma surpasses most pills in my experiences, there have only been a few pressed pills that have got me rollin' like 200 mgs of molly without having to drop like 3-5.
  5. ChopperPilot

    ChopperPilot Member

    I agree, but I think that is because of the weakness of the pills, not because of any inpurities. A good dose of mdma would be 125mg+. Unfortunately because the people pressing the pills want to maximize their profit, they are pressing pills in the 50-60mg range. So you're talking 3+ pills to give you that 200mg dose you enjoy.

    Man... I sure wish I could find some molly. Around here, pills are all that exists- you'll never see molly... And you damn sure better test the pills, because 50% of them (at least) are just meth or amph.

    And yes- I test before I buy. I can't stand meth! Had a really bad meth habit 20 years ago, and I never want to re-visit that time.
  6. prismatism

    prismatism loves you


    my first time, i was at this giant festival out in the woods, in the most fucking gorgeous environment i've ever seen anywhere. i ate a green four leaf clover (<3). i was sitting with this kid i'd just met, who was trying to explain what was going to happen. we were looking at the mountains, and he said, "in about half an hour, you're going to think everything is beautiful, and be like, 'i love ecstasy!'". it took about an hour to hit, but he was right, it was absolutely magical... this girl and i found a million neon paper penises of different sizes scattered around a bunch of rocks, and picked them up and and gave one to every person we met. i can't really start to tell the story of the rest of the night, but the next morning, the ride home... i don't think i have ever been so happy in my life. we were out in this amazing place, it was so untouched and beautiful, and i was talking to this little kid who couldn't speak whole sentences yet... but we were communicating perfectly, talking about all the elephants and giraffes that lived in the mountains and controlled the rain... and the clouds seemed like they were melding together just to make designs and pictures for everyone watching...

    that one experience changed my perspective on life completely, and it has stayed that way for almost a year now. :)
  7. alchemist357

    alchemist357 Member

    The first time i have done E was when i was 17 at a Rave. I Dont know what kind of pill it was and didnt really care, lol. I was already frying my ass off on Acid and my friend just brought me a pill and told me to take it. I was like what the hell, i am already fucked up, so why not. I got to candyflip my first time doing E and it was spectacular!! I used to never do E unless i was frying or shrooming. But then i wasnt getting either of which and just started popping E instead. I got bad, rolling almost every weekend after that. I would do 2 or more pills every time i rolled or it just wasnt worth it to me. Most i have done was 5 in a 10 hour period. Dont do this BTW if the pills happen to have meth in them. Lol, talk about talking 50 MPH and not thinking about what you are saying. I offended a few gay people that night. Oh well.
  8. Hemisphere

    Hemisphere Member

    You lucky, lucky bastard. That sounds like one of the most beautiful experiences I've ever heard. That gave me a warm tingle all through my body.

    Edit: Kinda makes me think of this song :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWMIXgCaJPQ
  9. akatweak

    akatweak Member

    eh oops i said i pop'd 10-15 a night lol thats nuts maybe on the weekends i meant to say 10-15 a week!
    soanyways I used to love rolling during the day hours after i got off work id go chill at some peoples houses and we'd sit out on the front pourch id play some guitar... i thought i was good and every one said i was pretty good till i saw a recording of my self some time later!!! yeah but we all used to just kick it in the front yard and the whole block would be out in their respective yards and id blast my speakers in my ol 66 burban people who we didnt even know would come by and we'd give em a few and just have good ol times out in the ghetto... which last i heard after they all got evicted the new people who lived there were killed out in the front yard in a drive by... im glad to be out of that hood never dawned on me how bad it was over there!!!
  10. oooo my first time??

    fucking pink omegas popped them at lunch behind a convenience store everyone smokes chronic behind and traveledd to a field with two of my friends where we took a sit to wait for the e to come up they had done e like 1000ssss of times and i was sitting there not even knowing what to expect at alll lol we smoked a joint to make it come up faster and it just HIT me so hard it came in waves that i felt rippling up and down my body ending at my scalpular hair line my one friend started stretching and damn i wanted to stretch to and i found out i was so flexible i didnt even know it i felt so stretchy and free like my muscles didnt even exist so we were laying in the field listening to some trance and happy hardcre and the weight training class at my school runs by ahaha omg i went insane i started running after themn cause i saw my good friend margaux and fully tackled her and hugged her for like 5 minutes telling her how much i loved her and shit ahaha talk about etartedness then we met up with my friend eugene and he drove us in his van to this public park we usually chill at and by the time we got there there was like 6 people on e and another 10 ppeople with us .....we chilled in the grass and drank tons of water and danced to music for hours you should have seen the fucing place when we left trash everywhere literally 50 water bottles scattered around like casualties

    there was one point where i just layed in the grass and felt really bad about taking the e cause i had never done any chems before but this was when i was strting to come down my friend karen talked me down and handed me her bong i took a couple hits and MAN was i fucking flying happy again i ended up going home at like 7 at night i was so paranoid my parents would know but it was all good everything turned out perfectly and im so glad i decided to roll for my first time that day it turned out to be the most perfect first time experience with this wonderful chemical called mdma

    years later here i am now still endulging in the wonderfullness of mdma and many other chemicals except now i know where to find the best pills and where to find pure mdma and what other chems go best with some nice rolls.... i pop ungodly amounts in one night and i love it ....yea its effected my life in big ways i know i think differently now my thoughts are more scattered and im just a sketchy mother fucker in general and i love it all i wouldnt change for the world ive met some of the best peopel while rolling and at raves i met my boyfriend partly because of e and i love him like hes my entire world
  11. l-foote

    l-foote L not i.

    My first time? I popped a blue bacardi bat, and smoked 2 joints.
    I then preceded to go to a dance, got my freak on like nobody's business, then went home and chilled, listened to music, dropped some sick beats, maybe played a video game or two.
    It was very nice.
  12. first time was completely out of no-where, i never planned to do e, but i knew i would.

    we were trying to get acid, so we called one of our bigger dealers casue he sometimes carries sid and he said "No man, but i got caps" and i said no and hung up. then i called back a second later and the friends i was with were like "who are you calling", and then i asked for the caps and we got 6 gels for $45. between four of us.

    so then we had to go meet up with him so we tell my mom were going to get pizza and go for a walk, its like a 30-60 min walk so we bring my pipe and a huge sack of weed, and go blaze like 8 bowls at a park and then to meet our guy.

    we get the caps.

    were really fucking baked and we go get 24 donuts:D then head back to my house. the funny part about all of this is earlyer in the after noon my one buddy broke up with his girlfriend who he'd been dating and he couldnt smoke or drink while he was dating her, so that night was his first time blazing in a month or two month, im not actually sure, it was long tho... and hes doing caps. so the whoel while back to my house hes talking about how being stoned is kind of an out of body experience and other shit.

    we get back and my mom knows im really blasted and doesnt really do anything.
    so my two friends (ill call them Tee and Reg) leave to Tee's house, they each take one cap even tho they paid $25 together, i paid $10 and my friend paid $10. So we take the caps, me and (ill call him Pom) and were chilling on the couchs watching tv and waiting for it too kick in, its aawesome cause ive only done shrooms and coke besides weed, so i have no idea what chemicals are gonna be like. so were sitting there and im breaking up weed and packing the bong so we can blaze in two hours or something... and i start feeling these GOOOD rushes and waves of energy or whatever, and im like "Pom, does it feel good" and he says yeah and i know this is gonna be really dope.

    so we just chill out and talk about stuff for 1-2 hours then we blaze and just chillllll tha fuck out, we watched some movie and it was soo good. then i got really tired and drained, we blazed and i crashed.

    the next day i felt so energetic but reallllllly bug eyed and some jaw tension.

  13. Fallout55

    Fallout55 Banned

    My first time was boss.

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