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  1. :( I'm new, but my life sucks. :beatdeadhorse5: I know you might have noticed, but the world gets progressively worse, more fearful, and more filled with gangs. The schools are crappier and people pick on each other. The systems are crappy and people just sit on their couch and drink ethanol and don't get together. I'm sad today. I'm high functioning autism/asperger's. I believe in peace. :peace: I care too much about the world. I wish I could get E one day as I always wanted to try it. There's no E these days. I need to stop stopping myself from going to college. I want to go. I hate how I associate school settings with painful past high school and middle school experiences. The negative connotation is there, even when I don't think about it. It's fueling the sadness , fear , and laziness. Yeah, it's probaly more beating a dead horse , but If I don't get an education soon, it'll be too late! I don't want to be one of those coulda woulda shouda people. I'm a Jenny Wakeman :love:. I shoudn't be too nervous about doing the things I enjoy, but I am sometimes.
  2. Heat

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    Hi Jenny and welcome to hip. :)

    We are all at times that coulda, woulda, shouda people. Hopefully though not most of the time. :)
  3. I didn't say my name was Jenny. I said I was a fan of Jenny. She's a fictional character. It's silly I know. :redface: It's just me being me. :cool:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    welcome, hope you find some answers here.
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    Welcome and I promise to never call you Jenny.
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