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  1. Hi I'm Joey. I'm a girl almost 18 years old living in the UK. I came across this website whilst looking up Buddhist communes in Australia! I am travelling round Australia and maybe the Philippines sometime next year for a year or more, just planning on working and staying in hostels and see where I end up! I'm on here to hopefully talk to people like myself, with the same interests and maybe get advice on travelling, or anything:) I play the bass guitar, love animals and can't wait to get travelling and meet some new people.
  2. That sounds so interesting! I've always wanted to go to Australia, I want to go travelling, I love animals AND my favourite instrument is the bass xD I'm Nem :)
  3. haha that's great! you should go! i'm pretty nervous because I'm travelling alone but even though I'm nervous, I'd prefer going alone because I should meet a lot of new people who could be friends for life :)
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    Nice of you to join us here at HipForums! Sounds like you're in the right place! This site is chock-full of advice and plenty of wisdom that would usually be scarce elsewhere. Love your username, seems to encompass who you are and what you're setting out to do. Lots of great musicians here as well. I play guitar, myself and have met a plethora of people with like minds and have enlightened me to tons of great new music. Glad you found the place and happy and safe travels to you! I've been doing a bit of research on Zen philosophy lately and what a wonder it is to behold.
  6. that's great that you've met people that have inspired your music, and yes everyone on here seem like the kind of people I'd get along great with! Awesome that you've been looking into Zen philosophy, It would be great if more people would look into Buddhism to give them a better outlook on life :)
    ...and hi 'wobs'!
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    Hiya Joey and welcome.
  8. haha, love it.
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    welcome joey :)
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    Hi there b_b and welcome to HF :seeya:

    I hope you have a great time out in Oz.

    I'm probably going to go to Oz late 2014 (but only for a couple of weeks ... )
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    Ah that's awesome!

    I did the whole travelling thing a few years back. Definitely check out Uluru also known as Ayers Rock. It's amazing!

    The whit Sundays are amazing also. After I finished there I went onto Thailand, another beautiful country i would recommend to any one visiting.

    Hope you enjoy your travels!
  12. thank you! ahh nice, have a great time yourself!
  13. thanks a lot for your advice! will defiantly look it up. yeah defiantly considering the Philippines also, sounds like a beautiful place :)
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    follow the yellow brick road

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