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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by stevenz17, May 12, 2004.

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    Hello all. My name is Steve, I'm 18, from Central New York.

    I suppose I've always embraced the hippie lifestyle. I'm into thinking for yourself, doing what you want because you think that it's the right thing, and helping others along on their way. It's all above Love, "Love is all you need."

    I guess as of late the hippie in me has really came out thanks to our war in the Mid-east, if you can even justifiably call it a war. To me, it seems like all the people with the big guns think they can push everyone else around. I'll admit, I don't think the practices of Theocratic countries are right (anti-feminism, homophobia, zero rights for "infidels"), but violence is never the answer. Heh, I'll stop now, or else I'll make a whole rant out of this.

    I'm currently in an emo/punk band called Duksik. I really love music, it's a big part of me. As for my old-school favorite, I'd definitely have to choose Jethro Tull. I've seen them a couple times, and actually met Ian at the last show, it was pretty amazing.

    I look forward getting to know you all, and carrying on intelligent conversation with people who see things generaly the same way I do, the peaceful way.
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    hey!!! welcome to the hipforums!!!
    I too like jethro tull!!!

    I hope you're here to stay...this site is quite addictive.

    Have a great day!
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    Hi there dude,Every generation has it's sub culture for the baby boomers it was being a hippie it realy only lasted a few short years,now most who where hippies in the 60's and early 70's are just like there parents,the people they didn't want to be.You can go backhundreds of years or even thousanda of years and find the same thing, the young have always rebelled against the astablishment and the outcome is always the same they eventually become what they once despised.I,m 49 and I have seen them come and go.The real only thing is to be true to ones self and atleast try to do whats rite your concience will let you no.I live by the code of treating others as I would want them to treat me.And if theres one thing I belive in it's karma I've seen it take it's due to those who think they are above it all and treat people like crap.I'm 6ft1 and 220lbs but I have never used my size to intimadate or bully a person and so far nothing real desasterist has happend to me or my family,touch wood lol.So be cool dude and the Karma will take care of you.:) Damn I need spelling lessons lol.
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    I haven't been here long, but it seems like a wonderful place. Hope to see ya around.
    oh and
  5. cerridwen

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    Hi Steve.... Welcome! Hope you have fun here!

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