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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by rockchef, May 16, 2004.

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    Hi to all the nice people on this forum just joined and thought i would just say hi and tell you all a bit about my self. Ok here goes i am eddie aka rockchef am quite a laid back person tend to say not a lot unless i have something worth saying i live in a little village in perthshire scotland and love to play my guitar as often as i can am a mad hendrix and zeppelin fan as well as dylan and most other decent music. Also am a great fan of harley davidson bikes wish i could ride or even afford one lol. Ok things that bug me big time are bullys bigotry racism and idiot corporate puppets that try to run our countries but only line their own pockets . I was brought up a catholic but that soon changed when i got to be a teenager and found out that most churches around the world were as corrupt as our so called leaders so from about the age of sixteen i have followed the wiccan path anyway hope to chat to you all soon take care and kind regards from scotland
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    Welcome to the forums! Please do stop by The Kitchen Table (link below) and have a cookie and a cuppa--get to know a few nice folks. We have an awesome UK forum on the site as well.
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    I love how global hipforums is.... there's folks here from all over! Groovy!

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