Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by *Anne85*, May 8, 2004.

  1. *Anne85*

    *Anne85* Member

    Wuts up? Just wanted to be the first to say hey...
  2. jesuswasamonkey

    jesuswasamonkey Slightly Tipsy


    But I'm the first to say "I am soooooooo STONED!"
  3. vanilla

    vanilla Member

  4. Micro

    Micro Member

    Yep! Time to fire one up and break this forum in.:D
  5. Hey people! The new forum skin seems to be nice and working fine (although I liked the pot leaf backround better). Well, just thought I'd stop by and say "hi" and hopefully everybody else will flock back here soon.:)
  6. Neonate

    Neonate Member

    Jah mon! Light the spliff and start the Marijuana forum discussion :) Just gave my dealer 30 euros and next week i'll be getting 3 grams of good hash :)
  7. ZePpeLinA

    ZePpeLinA Jump around!

    it's good to be back!
  8. bertrose

    bertrose Member

    It sure iss!! I Got high last night in celebration of the new forums ;) .
  9. Shamrock

    Shamrock Member

    Who here has kept their original Screen Names? I sure have !
  10. bertrose

    bertrose Member

    my screenname is the same
  11. Velouria

    Velouria Member

    Mine's not, but it says in my sig who I used to be...
  12. Ganjaman420

    Ganjaman420 Member

    i kept my old name and i would like to say. Keep smoking these forums rock
  13. Mui

    Mui Senior Member

    :) Woah, these new forums are gonna be cool when there are lots of posts again... im so happy for hip forums :)

  14. KaR

    KaR Member

    man, this fuckin sucks
  15. bertrose

    bertrose Member

    I thinks it funny that i joined these forums like a month ago and i just got member status while everyone was like senior members...now we are ALL guests
  16. babynug

    babynug Member

    babynug iiiis back. still getting used to this shit.
  17. Shamrock

    Shamrock Member

    Yes. although I am upset about losing all my posts, I have only been here since June of 2003... But I'd like to think about it this way -- More people will join soon, and being one of the original people who were here in this 'new beginning' is like a reward for being deticated for almost a full year now.
  18. I kept my original screenname too. I think that if you changed yours, put it in your sig like MoeGirl did, that way we know who you were.
  19. charredacacia

    charredacacia Member

    My screenname is the same. and i too am quite stoned.
  20. TreePhiend

    TreePhiend Member

    I just dropped the 420 from my name as there was no reason to keep it, because TreePhiend wasn't taken

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