Hey Seattle Folks, I Need Your Help (if you can!)!!

Discussion in 'U.S.A.' started by Sweet_Sangria, May 17, 2004.

  1. Sweet_Sangria

    Sweet_Sangria Member

    My name is Jessica, i'm 22 and i live in california right now. I will be leaving for europe for an indefinite period of time (spirit quest sorta thing) on the 26th of this month...

    My father has Multiple Sclerosis and lives in Seattle... I barely have the cash to get there, and i can't really afford a hostel (i want to conserve for my trip abroad)... I will be in Seattle for only three days (from this Wednesday the 19th until this Saturday the 22nd) and would really like to find a cool person or group of people to stay with. I will provide all of my own food and such and am able to part with up to $50 to thank you for your kindness.

    I am neat, respectful and 420-friendly (and will gladly abide by any and all house rules)... did i mention that i'm a pretty damn good cook? (i worked at a whole foods market deli for 2 years-i can make a MEAN sandwich) i also read tarot cards, give/recieve advice, and genuinely enjoy the company of others...

    I will be flying out of Oakland this Wednesday at 8:20am and will be in Seattle around 11am... I'm hoping that if any of you can help me, you'll post something here soon.... or you can email me @ jade_banana@yahoo.com

    thank you so much for your time, and in advance for any kindness you may offer..

  2. ImmortalDissident

    ImmortalDissident Senior Member

    If I owned my own house I'd say "come on over!" But lest I cannot provide. I hope you find someone/some place to stay!
  3. Sweet_Sangria

    Sweet_Sangria Member

    thanks anyways... but most people don't seem to be very responsive on this board, anyway...
  4. Omniwulf

    Omniwulf Member

    Hun I would of responded had I only still lived out there.
    I've moved now to the SE part of the country.
    good luck though in finding something
  5. monosphere

    monosphere Holly's Hubby

    I feel bad for not checking here sooner. If you check these forums while you're in town, pm me and I'll try to meet up with ya. Just leave a number or I'll give you mine when you pm me. I'd have to discuss the lodging situation with my roomies, but the least I could do is cook you a couple meals while you're here to save you a few bucks.

  6. monosphere

    monosphere Holly's Hubby

    Or maybe I'll lt you do the cooking and I'll provide the ingredients.

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