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Discussion in 'Psychic' started by Rudie, May 11, 2004.

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    your own experiences, dramas, and desires to a deeper truth and awareness inside.

    Hi Rudie

    I am fine thank you. Busier than a hungry flea in a nudist colony, but then I like being busy.

    To your dreams. They are all related and inner connected. Each [plays out a dram and experience and ask your input and voice. What is really happening is not the dramas and plays before you, but your own awareness asking you about choices and to define your path. You choose. You are your choices and all the people around you are helping you see a reflection of where you are going.

    When in the end your inner spirit and heart are seeking a safe refuge for the blossoms of your being, and wholeness. You are connected to a need for validations, openness, truth, and honoring your own spirit. You can only see this when you add experiences into dreams. There are many layers to your reaching out and where your steps take you. To be whole from within, without excuse, or flowing the crowd you must know who you are. Co-dependance and control are illusions to a security that does not exist.

    You only have this moment. When living, with your center and truth you are all that exist with an understanding that what is...IS. In this place you become an island of beauty that shares itself with all that is. In this way and from the other side we are all connected. We are as we see ourselves and we are as we see others. The truth is that as we each cross the paths of others we embrace the meaning that all things are one and one is all things.

    So the dreams were about spirit rememberances that will teach you as long as you listen to your heart and soul.

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