Hey ladies when he cums and you cum is it over or?

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by Just for fun, Jan 14, 2021.

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    When a guy fucks a woman no matter how long, when he cums it's usually done. But is there a "done point" for ladies. I know I can fuck her for minutes or hours and there is usually no stop time. If she cums soon once in one minute or 20 times in an hour it always seems to be done when I cum.

    What does it feel like when the guy cums and its over. Did you get short changed? Please explain the difference.
  2. subbylauren

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    A guy who can cum more than once is awesome. I do understand that it is different for a man but when he can can shoot a load on my face and then fuck me again a short while later, I am a very happy girl.
    For me, it seems to vary on my mood. I can have sessions where the more I cum, the hornier I get. I wonder if it is an emotional thing, so that my mind gets to the end point for that session. Rather than a physical point where I don't want to or can't continue.
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  3. Roseycheeks

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    I'm very much the same. Sometimes I'll masterbate then have to go again to feel complete. Not often does my husband leave me hanging. I feel like when he gets off it hits the right spot or I'm just getting off on the fact he is getting off inside me. I am a lick one though where he will strap on a dildo or out in a sleeve and get off just watching me. Then I strap on and I milk his prostate so much I'll be soaked like somebody dumped a cup of water all over me. Then I'll stroke him until he cums. Sometimes there is a second season in the middle of the night just so he can cum inside of me.

    To answer your ❓ sometimes I'm done before he is done...I'll get to a point to where I'm over sex I've cum so much I'm descesitizes and just done. But I'll keep going until he cums!
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