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Discussion in 'Lesbian' started by T1G0LBitti3z, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. T1G0LBitti3z

    T1G0LBitti3z Guest

    Okay i've been wanting to ask this for a long time. It seems many girls who identify as femmes seem to like femmes more than butches or butch-like girls. I myself might be called butch, i've seen girls express that most butches are unfortunate looking, have no style, and aren't well groomed... This upsets me a little. I take care of myself, i make sure i'm always dressed well, and most guys are jealous of my hair. I'm simply more comfortable wearing a shirt and tie rather than a dress. Where's the sexy ladies that appreciate a charming sharp looking girl?
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  2. love427p

    love427p Guest

    i just like a girl with boobs to play with honestly. they can be little or big, but if we're at it and she's willing to be up for anything . . . im happy. as long as butches can show a lil femme, its good ;)
  3. JL22

    JL22 Member

    Im very girly but I like all kinds of girls. I like butch girls as long as they take care of themselves, like you said. Especially sexy style and hair like shane from the l word. Hotttt!
  4. I'm a real girly girl and definatly go for andro and butch chicks.
    Not enough room in my bathroom for two girly girls lol.
    I love the way butch girls handle themselves. The way they walk
    and talk and smell and dress. Love it!!! Hot :)
  5. erzebet1961

    erzebet1961 Senior Member

    Ok.....I never got the whole butch , fem thing .....I mean...I honestly dont even know what label I would fall under.....I carry myself like a girly boy...but I also love skirts and laces.....
    But hell....I wouldnt turn down EITHER label....I think they both rock
  6. SallyDreams

    SallyDreams Guest

    I'm what you would call a "hybrid" I like to take care of my lady like a gentleman would but I wear skirts, curl my hair and cover myself in glitter whenever I get the chance. I attract A LOT of femme girls and it's kind of frustrating. I love me a butch woman, a well put together and clean one... I might add. I'm most attracted to the genderbending types but I attract femme girls that end up either not taking me seriously or confessing they've never been with a woman before and are now questioning their sexuality. (Not a very comforting conversation to have "the day after")
  7. Lily_Laurel

    Lily_Laurel Guest

    Yeah, I'm more into the personality of the lady than how she dresses. So long as she takes care of herself and is a great person I'll give 'em a chance! I do like the idea of having someone strong and loving.
  8. hellenwheelz

    hellenwheelz Guest

    I love butch girls. My wife is a title holding Drag King and I love it! Embrace who you are...not a label.
  9. Cambriaxx

    Cambriaxx Guest

    I love girls. Butch/Femme/andro/whatever... is all pretty useless to me.
  10. I LOVE Dressing up in a Dress but Im a little self contious. Also, resently the girls in my School had to Dress up (and Guys) and I kinda liked the girls in the Suits rather than the girls in Skirts/Dresses.
  11. Melesbia

    Melesbia Member

    I love bunch women! My partner of 16 years is a sexy hot bunch! See my post in Favorite Sex Positions for graphic details, you'll see why I like 'em bunch!
  12. soundofwhite

    soundofwhite Guest

    im femme, but im not attracted to other femme girls, only androgynous girls or soft butch. :) i have def been attracted to really butch girls before though, but i tend to only go for tomboyish/soft butch types
  13. lisa6234

    lisa6234 Guest

    Can any of you lesbians teach me how to dress up or how I should have sex with another lesbian ? I'm not so sure how to do it girls. I'm a little immature. Thanks !
  14. I like all types of girls. I'm partial to the androgynous with some choice piercings and tattoos. I also like femmes.
  15. im really girly and i usually prefer andro/butch girls. when it comes to girly girls.. ive dated a few but im really picky about it.
  16. lisa6234

    lisa6234 Guest

    I like the sweet and pretty ones with beautiful legs
  17. imagirlygirl

    imagirlygirl Guest

    I've dated both butch and femme women. The only difference I have seen is that butch women don't want to go get pedicures with me or shop or do the girly stuff. (I know that not all butch women are like that. That has just been my experience) I want a woman who will do that stuff with me.
  18. KaitlynH

    KaitlynH Guest

    Hmm... I guess you could call me a butch..? I wear cologne and carry myself and swagger around like a boy. I strut like an asshole when I walk down the hall at school. XD I wear pants and tanktops and my comfy hiking boots, but I wear huge, cute round glasses and I'm growing out my hair really long. I also end up trying to pay for everything. XD My babygirl is definitely more feminine than I am, she wears perfume and makeup and glittery crap and cute, expensive clothes (lots of Guess). Personality wise, though... I'm much shier and sweeter, and she's the fiery fighter-type out of the two of us. I dunno if either of us fit the molds.. But we do fit each other pretty well. :)
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  19. I was rather under the impression that it was thought more common for femme girls to be attracted to butch girls and vice versa. I'm femme and though I have find myself more and more attracted to femme girls the longer I've been out to myself, I still think I'll always have a preference for butch or more accurately soft butch/androgynous women. It's not necessarily that I think they're better looking so much as it's a turn on to see someone who is so 'obviously' a lesbian to the extent that they may as well have a badge on saying 'I <3 vagina'.
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  20. Manservant Hecubus

    Manservant Hecubus Master of Funk and Evil

    It's good to be the King! ;)

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