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  1. 6-eyed shaman

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    He Should Not Run

    So it seems that the whole notion of being the best suited person for the job, regardless of race or gender, is so yesterday.

    Left wing feminists believe that the only way to advance women is to hold men down.
  2. Asmodean

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    Is it really in all objectivity? Or were there always folks who craved a less fair policy (feminist or left wing or not)?
    Some perhaps. A meaningful amount? Arguable. Does it indicate something about feminism in general? Me thinks not. You obviously like to portray it differently :p Why?
  3. 6-eyed shaman

    6-eyed shaman Sock-eye salmon

    Who’s craving a less fair policy? You and your conspiracy theories :rolleyes:

    All ya need to do is go to www.everydayfeminism.com to see they publish to know that modern feminism has nothing to do with equality.
  4. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    If you want to make a joke please be aware it should at least be either funny or witty.
    I think I have a more adequate view on feminism than you. That you have a consistent urge to portray a certain group or website (or simply the remarks of one individual) as the general state of what it can be affiliated with is your problem. Why is it a problem you might wonder? Well, it makes it really difficult to take you seriously on these matters. If you would only nuance your posts and statements... even this could be interesting. But as you see since you project it on left wing feminism in general it will go about that. This is not the fault of the person reacting (as it remains important to view feminism correctly. As any egalitarian would agree), it is yours.
    I'm sure there are extreme feminists or feminists with illogical outlooks and some gather and make themselves known with a website. Does it render (modern) feminism as a whole useless or basically perverted from its origins as you like to imply? Of course not.
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  5. unfocusedanakin

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    Women do face certain barriers to politics. Not sure what the debate is. I would not take to the extreme of specificity picking a women since she is a women. But, when it comes to men they are often picked since they are men. Men like 6 will say they don't a "irrational" person or a person who will say she was touched or ask for maternity leave. Men don't do any of that.

    It's part of that famous glass ceiling in the corporate world. It's not out right said just implied.

    6 really needs a certain kind of feminist to be all feminists. I think it helps him deal with his own world better. Rather then get mad at himself he is mad at things he sees beyond his control. Not to diss.

    It's sort of like saying a mass shooter represents all gun owners. If you look at the ideas on paper they are the same. In practice often not. Lots of women vote for men and say for example did not like Hillary Clintion. She is the best example to me of being marketed first and foremost as a women.
  6. Of the people running I like Kamala Harris. Our America
  7. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    These women obviously aren't feminists! ;)
  8. unfocusedanakin

    unfocusedanakin The Archaic Revival Lifetime Supporter

    Sadly some women would say that. Hillary's flaws need to be overlooked since she is a women. That is huge and it means eventually she is going to fix things more so than an any man ever could. If you don't agree you are brain washed by men.

    I've even read stories of women who had male children and underfeed and mentally abused them. They all said they were proud feminists who knew even though they had to love their son he was still a male and bad. No one bitches online about the feminists I was raised by. I got plenty of food.
  9. McFuddy

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    I heard your mom faces certain barriers.
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  10. Okiefreak

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    Paid for by the MAGA Re-Elect the Donald PAC! (The three candidates depicted happen to be the ones leading in the polls).
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  11. 6-eyed shaman

    6-eyed shaman Sock-eye salmon

    I asked you a question, not a joke.

    The extreme feminists have the loudest voices and the largest megaphones. They drown out the voices of the reasonable people who call themselves feminists. I’m not a feminist because egalitarianism is better.
    Speaking of Hillary, she claims that women didn’t vote for her because they were pressured by their husbands, fathers, and sons. Soft bigotry of low expectations for sure.

    You’re aware of the blatant abuse and misandry, but you continue to support feminism. Cuckoldry in its ultimate form.
  12. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    So what conspiracy theories were you hinting at in your reply? If you answer sensibly I promise to take your question seriously.
    And you consistently act like that is the majority of feminists. And that this is what feminism in general has come down to. It has been so often explained to you its not the truth I have a hard time not regarding you as a troll.
    Are they? Or are people like you who pose as if its mainstream feminism a big help with that. And what do you mean exactly with 'the reasonable people who call themselves feminists'? They're not really feminists or something?

    It has already been explained to you that an egalitarian is usually also a feminist. It's not about what is better, its about what sounds better to you. You're one of those people who likes to equates loopy extreme feminists with modern feminism in general. Why ?
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  13. neonspectraltoast

    neonspectraltoast Best Member

    For the life of me, I can't grasp how some people don't seem to get that Hillary was just really off-putting. Her cadence when she was giving speeches...it was comically bad. And it isn't just some latent misogyny, claiming she was hysterical. She just really did sound crazy. All kinds of people found it irritating, women included. Most of us couldn't fathom how anyone could like it, which is partly why the party was so split. It's just a matter of bad taste.

    Many feminists are angry at a system that holds double standards for men and women. And rightfully so, I think. But too often they take it to extremes of disliking any and all men. But I can't say as how I blame them. There seems to be some underlying suggestion in our society that men were here first. I think this goes for societies all over the world as well. Men take precedence for some reason, like it's our God-given right. It's really irritating, and it must drive women crazy. The smugness of men even drives me crazy. Like, they never mature. At heart, they're big babies and women go out of their way to play the role of nurturer and cater to them. In a society set up to make them feel as though they're second-class citizens, and practically some kind of invasive alien species, it's not surprising to me at all that many women go to extremes. Men do the same all the time.

    And many men will say "That's anti-masculinity." And they'll say there's this big plot to strip men of their masculinity. All that's really being asked is that men don't make the presumption that they are entitled to be treated like kings. I don't see anything unmasculine about being the nurturer a little bit. In fact, in my experience, men are quite good at nurturing. Maybe it's time that we could let women drive for a little bit. To me, we basically seem like the grumpy old man with cataracts and a heart condition who simply refuses to let anyone else drive the car.

    A lot of feminists have their hopes pinned on a female presidency to finally get a leg up in this world, but they also support all the wrong candidates. People like Hillary and Kamala Harris who have a hint of megalomania about them. It's like, your humble narrator Elizabeth Warren is right there. It seems like most people equate leadership abilities with ruthlessness. We really should just be looking for the best candidate. But there's too much vindictiveness for this to happen. Everything revolves around the narcissism of the right and left, who get off on their little passion play.
  14. eggsprog

    eggsprog liberalobamacommunist HipForums Supporter

    Do you really believe that all presidents have been men because they were the best suited person for the job? That there has never been a woman who would have done a better job than the president of the day?
  15. Okiefreak

    Okiefreak Senior Member

    Proud Boys is AltLite, backs abuse, violence and misogyny, claims to be Libertarian, and are active in Oregon. Patriot Prayer is AltLite, backs abuse, violence and misogyny, claims to be Libertarian, and are active in Oregon. You are also AltLite, claim to be Libertarian, and are active in Oregon. You’re aware of the blatant abuse and misogyny, but you continue to support AltLite causes and Libertarianism. Therefore, you must be a supporter of abuse, violence, and misogyny. Either that or addicted to the association. fallacy. Association fallacy - RationalWiki
  16. Flagme15

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    If you want trump to win a second term, then yes, Biden should not run.
  17. neonspectraltoast

    neonspectraltoast Best Member

    Are you kidding? That's exactly what Biden should do to guarantee Trump a victory. Bernie can beat Trump. If Biden comes along and divides the party again, we're back to square one. If Democrats don't want to recognize Bernie simply because he isn't an establishment candidate...too bad, so sad.

    I think Biden's popularity has been grossly exaggerated. He certainly doesn't have the female vote. He's less popular than Hillary was. He can't beat Trump, and he's really not even presidential material anyway. He's just the definition of a slick politician with no clue when it comes to policy. What does Biden stand for? Having a good time?
  18. Meliai

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    I asked about Biden's policy on here a while back and no one answered me lol

    Not that i'm not capable of doing my own research, but I feel those who think he's the Democrats' only chance should be able to explain why
  19. Okiefreak

    Okiefreak Senior Member

    Bernie isn't a Democrat. He's not even a Socialist, although he apparently thinks he's one. He's been in Congress for a long time, and has little to show for it. And he's also in trouble with the ladies for being male and not doing enough about alleged sexual harassment in the campaign last time. Biden has stood for, and does stand for, labor. It's a dying constituency, but it overlaps Trump's base, so there's hope for an inroad. None of the other candidates in the clown car stands a chance against Trump's demagoguery, and I think Biden is now damaged goods--another victim of progressive hyper-purism. Get ready for another four years of Trump and eight of Pence.
  20. eggsprog

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    Anyone who argues that coming up behind a woman, putting your hands on her shoulders, making it obvious that you're smelling her hair, and then slowly kissing the back of her head is appropriate behaviour is either being disingenuous or just kind of a creep.

    That behaviour is unacceptable from a shift manager at McDonald's, let alone from the vice president of the United States.
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