Heroin took me, I'm back with a message! Life from the past 10 years

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Is heroin worse than other drugs?

  1. No, it is just another drug. A tool.

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  2. No, it depends on the intent of the drug and how it was made

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  3. Yes, it is demonic and has gross properties

  4. Yes, it is the best most fun drug around

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  5. I don't care I just want to vote and see the results...

  1. Codemouse

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    Hey guys, I am sad to see things have slowed down here so much on HFs. It makes me incredibly sad. But I used to be a huge poster and believe I can help it be more fun again, hopefully. Maybe do some advertisement for it and stuff.

    Anyways, my name is Cody and my old account was CodMouse. Some of you might remember me. I see a lot of you guys are on and off of this thing though. I was the guy in the Army that used psychs and posted a lot about it. I went to school for pharmacology and then changed my major to network admin. I just left Intel for a better job working on THE bleeding edge of Augmented Reality for the world. So cool right?!?!

    Heroin is not like other drugs. Heroin is bad, don't try it and if you have stop. You might think you can handle it but you can't. Through all of the drugs I tried (>60) I had zero problem with any of them. I got complacent because of the lie that people say. NOT all drugs are bad and NOT all drugs will get you addicted. Over the years I have come to learn that it depends greatly on your spirit and body chemistry. I have gotten dear friends addicted to meth because it wasn't a problem for me and I didn't realize it would be for them.

    When I first tried heroin (drug #59) I didn't get it... I smoked it and didn't understand why people liked it. I spaced it out a few days and tried to smoke it again. My pupils were pinned (tiny, what happens on all opiates) and I vomited (another opiate side effect). Knowing I was on it but experiencing zero euphoria I figured I was doing it wrong. So I tried to put it in water and snort it (it was from Colorado, tar). This didn't do anything so I tried booty bumping it. This caused a very slight euphoria. A 1 out of 10. At this point I decided to see what withdrawal would be like. I wanted to know because pilots that don't fly aren't pilots. Pharmacologists that don't try a few of every class aren't pharmacologists (I still hold this view). I had been spacing this out by 2 or more days. So I decided to use everyday for a week and a half a small amount. 10-20$ worth. One-two dimes.

    Three days into this I decided to go ahead and try the needle. I figured it was the only way to get the euphoria that people spoke about. I loved the energy and talkativeness oxycodone gave me and to this day only twice got this from H. The needle did create a noddy state which I kinda liked. I still had a week left of using to get to where I wanted to try WD. I liked the nod enough.

    When I tried to go through WD I didn't feel much. Some diarrhea and that was it. I waited two days and on the third decided to go for another few days. At this point the WD was more noticeable. I didn't really notice the WD but I did notice that when I used now it DID feel good. Little did I realize that it was coming out of WD and having a 1-2 out of 10 euphoria that felt good. So this is how I got addicted and dropped off the earth. It wasn't the high, it was coming out of WD that felt good.

    That was it, my hook. It wasn't the high that I had been anticipating. It was the relief from WD that got me addicted. I had few friends and a lot of money. So I continued. Thinking I could stop. Two months later I couldn't come off of it. I was addicted for 7 years... 3.5 of it on the street where I learnt to make 300$ in 6 hours asking people. I did so much research into psychology that I was able to do that and train someone to do it for me for 2 years afterwards. However, this person had a weakness for cocaine. We ended up working for the cartel and using cocaine because H doesn't do anything after the first year. So I had ended up using coke in every shot. Buying 4 times a day, using right afterward. 80$ each time. Somehow I managed to not sell my body, steal, or hurt people. Only asking people for help. It went something like this;

    "Excuse me Sir/Ma'am, I hate to bother you like this but I am traveling from **** and left my wallet. I am trying to get the gas to get back. I am NOT asking for money but was wondering if there was anything you could do to help?" when I had a car. Or;

    "Excuse me, I hate bugging you for this but I am homeless and someone stole my sleeping bag. I am not asking for money but was wondering if you could help me in any way?".

    Getting food was no problem at all. This is a common misconception. All of us on the street got fed well. Food is not an issue for people on the streets. I only used H and coke. Only drank alcohol 2 or 3 times during this 3.5 year experience. No psychedelics, nothing.

    Shooting up that much wreaked havoc on my body to say the least. Here are pictures of my leg when it was healing from the wounds I caused it. (Extremely graphic!!! Do not click if you have a weak stomach!!!) I included two way of seeing them. The second group of links is uploaded to this site, the first is from flickr.


    I will edit this post some as time goes on to fill in some details. But this is what I was doing and what happened to me. Moral: Don't play with heroin. It isn't like other drugs.

    I missed you guys so much! I hope that we can continue to be friends and use this site until the end of time. Let the world change, not us...

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  2. porkstock41

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    Welcome back to the forum and holy shit that is a gnarly fuckin wound! Looks like it belongs on a dead body. Glad you are taking better care of yourself now.

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