heres some 3d trippy animations i made

Discussion in 'Psychedelics' started by bee-unlimited, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. bee-unlimited

    bee-unlimited Member

    hi all
    heres some 3d stuff ive made, many people that would rather take acid,dmt, mushrooms, & other empowering substances may enjoy some colorfull journeys to strange places.
    so heres a couple of my films

    psyber land

    there are more show reals to watch plus heaps of single animations to download. enjoy the trip & all feedback is welcomed
  2. Krsna Bhakti

    Krsna Bhakti d-_-b JAMMING

    I only had a moment to watch most of the first link, but with no sound (Im at work) and I have to admit, pretty damn cool! :)
  3. Hemisphere

    Hemisphere Member

    Oh man. That's some awesome stuff right there.

    I'm almost tempted to buy some for my vjing but I'm just too poor :p maybe if you could cut me a deal on a few of the full screen ones, but I dunno.
  4. Crazy_P

    Crazy_P Member

    Pretty sweet. The only thing I can see that would make those any better would be smoother transitions, i.e. instead of the koosh hair wiggly thing fading into the grid tunnel, the hairs could expand or morph in such a way as to BECOME the tunnel, thus adding not only to the smoothness of the movie, but to the interconnectedness of everything in Psyber Land.
  5. ~peace~

    ~peace~ Senior Member

    That is craaaazy! i love it.
    My only criticism is that the could be made a bit smaller and less obstructive. great job though!
  6. Rugor

    Rugor Senior Member

    as borat would say "verrryy niiiiiice"
  7. bee-unlimited

    bee-unlimited Member

    thanks for commenting, shame you never had sound as it kinda makes the whole thing work, maybe next time you will find some audio too ?
    b.u. :)

  8. bee-unlimited

    bee-unlimited Member

    thanks for commenting on vj`ing stuff, ok well right now im nearly finnished making a new film called follow this & due to other people commenting on buying the show reals i will be posting some of these for sale in the near future, but file formats & upload speeds is an issue but is being upgraded now, but cutting any deals on larger purchases of material would depend & you would have to chat with me about it, but i can say due to copy righted material none of the show reals posted now can be sold ! but all of the single clips of animation in the show reals is mpg & full screen so there is a posability for vj`s getting bulk material, just bare in mind that animation does take lots of time to make !.
    any way if your still interested get in touch.
    many thanks b.u. :)

  9. rainbowedskylover

    rainbowedskylover Senior Member

    I love your stuff man, i was listening schpongle while watching tohose movies and it was beautiful. thanks for posting it up here
  10. bee-unlimited

    bee-unlimited Member

    only problem with your suggestions is that when you learn cgi animation, they will tell you that the anser to many problems like what you mentioned is either being able to do it in a sinple but effective way or compromise between polygons & quality vs cpu number crunching power !, & since i dont own a very large render farm, morphing all the blue hairs to the tunnel would have been difficult, & psyber land & the other show reals are to watch the main part of the site is to offer single clips to vj`s, but b.u. will be selling completed show reals soon because of demand !, i guess most people want some thing finnished, stay tuned for the up coming animation thats neary finnished called follow this.
    thanks again for commenting
    b.u. :)

  11. bee-unlimited

    bee-unlimited Member

    thanks for being critic, it all helps me to get things right. i guess if this was a school report it would say some thing like: must try harder !.
    any way when it comes to the animation intro`s i try to make each one different in style, but like you say i do seem to keep it bold but then hay i want every one to know bee-unlimited did it !.
    any way thanks for commenting & loving the crazy journeys. very soon follow this will be released stay tuned

  12. bee-unlimited

    bee-unlimited Member

    well im glad you think its verrrry nicccccee, i wonder if borat will ever see it ?, i hope so for his sake :)

  13. bee-unlimited

    bee-unlimited Member

    i havnt watched my own animations to schpongle but i imagine they would indeed go well together, you should stay tuned as my new animation is not to schpongle but psy trance, its called follow this & will be posted oohhh i think maybe 2 weeks or so. :)

  14. rubbersoul

    rubbersoul Member

    Groovy!!! Good job, man!
  15. bee-unlimited

    bee-unlimited Member

    hi & thanks for watching, groovy is good groov on, stay tuned as my latest epic animation called follow this is nearly finnished & is ....... well you will just have to wait !.
    thanks again for the comments.

  16. Daedalus

    Daedalus Member

    the fiber optic man was fuckin craziness. we need more of the fiber optic man . . .
  17. bee-unlimited

    bee-unlimited Member

    thanks for watching the optics dude, & i will bare the more fiber optics in mind, but right now the last bit of the new follow this animation is being made, very particle oops i wont give any more away untill i release it very soon, stay tuned for more weirdness. :party:

  18. mortes

    mortes Senior Member

    pretty fucking cool dude.
  19. bee-unlimited

    bee-unlimited Member

    thanks mate :) the last part of the new animation as taking longer than i thought but is getting there, sooooooon
    thanks for watching.


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