Here is my confession, what is yours?

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by tokeandpoke, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. Finding a dentist is not the problem.
  2. Cmdr76

    Cmdr76 Members

    That has to be hard
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  3. Andy Schumer

    Andy Schumer Members

    When alone, I went to escorts as birthday gifts to myself on 5 occasions.
    It was very worth it.
  4. Andy Schumer

    Andy Schumer Members

    I had crushes on many women at work, one massage technician at a physio clinic I went to.

    One younger woman I used to have at my place to have awesome massages from, she wanted me naked so she could get places without underwear.
    But NEVER anything sexual.
    After 2 visits, the next times I arranged my penis so it would stick out when it grew and rose. She always placed it where it would not be in the way.
    I admit, I liked showing my erection.

    I once went to a strip bar and when a stripper came to me (they are supposed to, expected to).
    I told her I wanted lots of touching, I didn't want to cum right away, and I wanted to get close to cum often.
    She told me she would be the right person to have.
    I went to the washroom to put a condom on and once in the booth I took it out of my underwear. (no sex, no oral, no exposed penis)
    I tapped her leg lightly when I got close and she made me last several dances, a few close calls during each dance.
    She placed my hands on her breasts and I kept them there most of the time.
    When I could not hold off anymore the relief was intense, I had so much precum it leaked out of my underwear, I was a mess. And very satisfied.
  5. Calmerchameleon

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    My confession. Before the time of cam sites and onlyfans type websites, I used to join sex chatrooms and have cam sex with strangers or pose for naked photos for horny girls. I'd never show my face but I still feel a bit embarrassed about it now, years later! I fear one day one of these days I'll come across one of my videos of me jerking off on one of those free porn site!
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  6. Boshcak

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    Have / had a huge crush on my niece, she's half-Greek with those classic Greek sloe-eyed good looks. We were bathed together as kids and her tiny vulva was the first one I ever saw. Often fantasize about her and what it would have been like or what it would be like to touch her sex and insert my fingers into her.
  7. Sambone

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    Good for you. You can use that to your advantage if you want.
  8. I agree. I once got a blowjob on my front porch from my wife's best friend while we were out having a smoke. As she was blowing me I was looking at my wife and this girl's husband through the window. I felt so bad about it, and still do. But it was one of the hottest most thrilling experiences of my 20's.
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