Here is my confession, what is yours?

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by tokeandpoke, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. OklaStroker

    OklaStroker Members

    When I was a baby I was poorly circumcised, cut an an extreme angle. So now, from the top, my penis appears to be cut, but on the underneath side I basically still have all my foreskin left. At a certain point, being a lazy teen, I pretty much disregarded the fact I need to roll back my foreskin and clean really well. The consequence was that small pimples (for lack of a better word) developed inside my foreskin and around the edge of it. It freaked me out. I mustered up the courage to tell my mother and after my next shower she examined it. She instantly scolded me a bit for not cleaning it properly. She then started use her thumbs to squeeze and open up the blemishes. As she did this, I could feel my penis start to grow, and hoped she couldn't feel the reaction taking place,

    Once I could feel it was at an official state of semi I extended an "I'm so sorry." I didn't know what else to say. "it's purely a natural reaction. Relax, it's ok. You're not offending me." In a strange way, even though her squeezing of the pimples was uncomfortable at times, it also felt good in a way. The more she opened them up, the harder I got until I was fully erect and soon after started to leak precum. She would open a pimple and then wipe the area off she had been squeezing on and then wipe the head to keep it from letting it run down onto her hand I assume. At one point I felt my breathing starting to get quicker and deeper. She stopped and looked up. "Are you ok? Am I hurting you?"

    I could tell it was going to happen and soon. "No, no. It's about to...." She finished the sentence for me, "SQUIRT???" And right then the first long squirt of cum shot from my penis. I instantly started to repeatedly apologize. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." My mother, in one motion, grabbed my penis around the shaft and instantly had the paper towel she had been using to wipe the pus and precum off of my penis in her other hand. She held it and had it pointed into the paper towel. It just kept squirting. "Don't be sorry. It's ok. Just relax and let it all out."

    As she threw the paper towel in the trash and then started to wash her hands, I asked her "Am I in trouble?" She looked at me shocked and said "God no, honey. You can't help that. It's going to be a possibility until we get all those spot to clear up. Nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of."

    It never felt sexual in any way, if that makes sense. More so as like she was just doing something as a mother to make sure her son was as healthy as can be. I never had any desire to have sex with her or anything like that. Although I did eventually look forward to the evenings she was going to care for those blemishes, and I'm not real sure how to feel about that. This is the first time I've ever told this story though.
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  2. phil1965

    phil1965 Members

    Not mine personally, but one I was told about several years ago, there was this woman, I won't name her, anyway she was a lovely lady, but her husband was a real asshole, always being horrible to her, you know the type, a real prick!
    well he liked bouf bourginion (a beef casserole) and came home one day and told her that he wanted it for dinner the following night, he didn't ask her, he told her, and he'd been horrible to her all day, this is where it got interesting, in a disgusting sort of way, but very hilarious as you'll see shortly.
    Now the thing about this woman was some years earlier she'd had a stomach problem that required surgery, leaving her with a colostomy bag, apparently, mushrooms, just go straight through, when you have a 'bag' fitted, and it so happened that she'd eaten something containing mushrooms earlier that day.The following morning she prepared his dinner ready for him coming home from work, however she decided to use recycled mushrooms, so in went the ones out of her bag!
    The story goes that she served up his meal when he got home her excuse for not joining him was she'd eaten earlier, her satisfaction from seeing him eating the mushrooms was made all the better by the way he kept complimenting her on how it was the best one she'd ever made and he'd love to know what the secret was, somehow I bet he wouldn't have enjoyed it as much if he'd known where she'd 'picked' the mushrooms from. lol
  3. phil1965

    phil1965 Members

    I once worked at this place where I was able to get hold of certain pretty expensive items, they were aquired perfectly legally, but at a tiny fraction of their retail cost, anyway this very attractive girl I knew happened to mention to me that she wanted a certain item.. I said if she performed a certain sex act on me then I'd get her one, she agreed, but said she wanted to actually see the item to prove I'd got it, she wasn't daft!
    Anyway I got the said item, and she performed the sex act, she'd no idea that I'd got it from work for next to nothing, she thought I'd paid full price, so when she mentioned that there were other items she fancied, I suggested that we continue our little 'arrangement' and she readily agreed.
    I had one very attractive woman who I was having a thing with, one night we'd gone out and I'd 'borrowed' a very expensive pair of boots for her to try on, she'd had a few drinks and kept saying how much she liked the boots and how much of a shame it was that they had to go back, towards the end of the evening she had a little 'accident' which resulted in not only her jeans, but also the boots getting rather wet, naturally they couldn't go back after that, so she offered to pay for them in kind. I pretended to be really upset over the boots, it was me who'd borrowed them I reminded her, anyway I accepted, and pay she did, it was a fantastic night.
    She never found out the real story behind how I got the boots, I think she felt clever thinking up the idea of wetting them in order to keep them, I thought I was even cleverer in getting her to perform all kinds of sex acts as 'payment'. lol
  4. MagicLettuce

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    I have had many dreams, desires to have some sort of thing between my sister-in-law AND mother-in-law, it's just a beautiful family.

    First time I met my SIL it just happened in my head, she has the same figure as my wife. but just something about her I know she would be naughty. Same for my MIL, everytime I see them I just want to do stuff with them.

    I feel like my SIL teases me sometimes..
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  5. PGA

    PGA Members

    I had the same fantasy about my SIL and MIL. Both of them were gurges as my wife. I fantasized about them many times while I masturbated or fucking my wife.
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  6. EroticaWriter

    EroticaWriter Members

    Not my confession... but a gf of mine years ago admitted that she would often sneak into the kitchen at night when she lived with her family and grab a carrot or two.
    She would go back to her room and masturbate with them and then put them back in the fridge.
    I always found that so funny. :)
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  7. Lillian4323

    Lillian4323 Members

    I have fantasized about my huge crush (20y older than me) when my husband fucks me. Many times.
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  8. Joboo6

    Joboo6 Members

    I want to have another mfm with my wife. It’s been over 30 years since we had our only one.
  9. lapush

    lapush Members

    A friend of mine was having a hard time getting pregnant. They had tried for years to no avail. I told her to call me right after their night of Doctor advice sex and I would add a little sperm in her.
    After many times she quit asking for help something must of worked. I missed that.
  10. Funfungirl

    Funfungirl Members

    OMG, this is a weakness of mine!!
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  11. Funfungirl

    Funfungirl Members

    My confession is that I had a huuuge crush on my dad's best friend
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  12. AstroShark

    AstroShark Member

    You know when a man is wearing jeans and he gets really hard and it's struggling to burst of my favorite things.
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  13. old dr young

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    Used my gf's sex toys with another woman.
  14. Lillian4323

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    Made my husband wear the same clothes as my crush. Had sex with him just like that multiple times.
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  15. old dr young

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    I was on a Mexican vacation with her.
    She was just in Mexico on a family vacation courtesy of her dad.
    I missed it due to work.
    So her dad paid for her and I to go when I was free.
    Nice, I know...
    So she was full of tequila in the hotel suite with a kitchenette.
    She was splayed out on the counter and I was in her ass.
    I had just met somebody else I was smitten with.
    I knew the relationship was done.
    I f'd her ass like she was a piece of meat.
    I dumped her shortly after arriving home.
  16. sara2001

    sara2001 Members

    a boy next door showed me his penis :flushed:
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  17. MJSkier

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    I’m married to a woman but have had a male sex partner friend for the last 5 years.
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  18. lapush

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    I was working in the barn and this girl came in and took off all her clothes.
    Sense I had no pubic hair and she had a wad, I went back home leaving her there.
    Where is that dial that rolls back time?
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