Here is my confession, what is yours?

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by tokeandpoke, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. Craig Barnett

    Craig Barnett Members

    Nothing wrong with that ! Ages do not matter in the long run ( or short time either!)
  2. Craig Barnett

    Craig Barnett Members

    You and I both ! I was so compulsive about getting 'into my own mouth" that could even deep throat myself occasionally . I am not flexible enough anymore either and I really miss it !
  3. Craig Barnett

    Craig Barnett Members

    About everyone does that ! My ex wife confessed to me she couldn't get turned on without thinking about someone else ( even though she didn't share who with me )
  4. Craig Barnett

    Craig Barnett Members

    No ! If you have feelings for him let him know. Just be careful about the fact you are not 18.
  5. Craig Barnett

    Craig Barnett Members

    I do know what you mean ! One of the hottest 'sessions' I ever had was with my ex when she showed up at my place one morning unannounced. She let herself into the house and came bursting into my bedroom accusing me of having sex with someone else ( and I was!) Soon we were going at it across the bed and it was great ! She left as angry as she was when she came.
  6. Varmint

    Varmint Member

    My confession is that I haven't had sex or dated in the 13 years I've been single. Haven't even bothered with "getting back in the game". Not out of some supposed loyalty to my ex or our vows, but more likely I was, and still am so pissed off thinking what a waste of time it all was (we were together 20 years) and how blithely she dismissed me and made excuses for her lack of interest in every detail of our relationship. She said she didn't know she'd lose interest after her hysterectomy (she lied; I warned her of this possibility) and when I asked what her excuse was before that, she had no answer. After our divorce she got her libido back in raging form, met and hooked up with some guy down south, and they've been together since, except for the times she's caught him with someone else. It was a miracle, I tell ya'....

    I really didn't want any more to do with women after the divorce, and made myself crystal-clear to those who ventured too close. These days I ask folks "What can I do with one that I can't do without one...?" and they leave me alone about it. I guess they never thought to ask themselves that. I did ask my ex once if she ever has known anyone who ever shacked up, moved in together, or gotten married so they could practice celibacy? She said she'd never thought about that before, and I then told her that "You're gonna' keep losing relationships if you keep doing that."

    And yes, it does, in fact, work both ways. For men, as well as women. With that, I leave you the words of a famous feminist, which I've found also works both ways:

    "A bicycle is just as good company as most husbands and, when it gets old and shabby, a woman can dispose of it and get a new one without shocking the entire community." ~Ann Strong, 1895
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  7. Camel 56

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    My confession: We were at my brother-in-laws beach house and I went for a shower after an early morning swim. My nieces bikini was hanging up in the bathroom, so I had a wank and bust a nut all over the crotch of the bikini bottom. Finished the shower, and went through for a cup of coffee. while making the coffee, neice comes in and hugs me good morning, asks me to make her a cup too, and disappears into the bathroom. About 15 mins later she came out, freshly showered, wearing the same bikini. She comments that her bikini hasn't dried properly, but her other one is in the laundry. I nearly snorted in my coffee, and she asked me what was wrong. Ever seen a fish blowing bubbles........
  8. PGA

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    That's the nature of human . It doesn't matter to man or women.
  9. Varmint

    Varmint Member

    I'm looking at the bright side: She got her libido back. Turns out all she needed was another man. Now she's doing the same thing to him. I know this because she told me herself, but she doesn't know why she does it. I think she's just bored. She'll find another guy again. Best of all, she's no longer my problem.

    Life is good.
  10. I have a crush on someone, only he doesn't know it yet. If he did know, I don't know if he still knows or not. We used to talk a lot, only he's been stressed out a lot lately. This whole year I've been thinking about him, only I don't know how he feels about me. He's always very sweet and caring towards me, but only I am afraid it's only as a friend. This is my fear. Believe this is why I am not set in stone for finding love right now or being in a relationship. It seems things seem one sided sometimes and the person doesn't always feel for me. Or they like me and I don't like them like that. It's very frustrating. For once I wish I could meet someone, where we both click and like each other. If he ends up not liking me, I will simply just be his friend and I'll be fine with it. I feel very deeply for him though, it's always been there. Just scared to tell him... cause I fear he may not feel the same...
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  11. I’ve been married for more than 15 years but I’ve had online relationships off and on over the years. Only have met once with someone else for sex but I can’t stop doing the online thing.
  12. Mike1000

    Mike1000 Members

    When my wife and I used to have sex I would picture her as a hooker and after she came and would just lay there I would bang her as hard as I could with my little weenie..
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  14. Warmwet

    Warmwet Members

    I do this to. I like to imagine what they would be like having sex...wild, mild, passionate...what does their O face look like?

    My confessions: I have a ton, here are a few.
    - I love dressing and being feminine at times. - I have a major crush on a coworker.
    - I have only had sex with one person, my wife.
    - I did dress female and went to a singer party, but was too shy to do anything so I watch several people fuck, which was awesome.
    - I was house sitting some pets for a neighbor for a couple of weeks. She left some dirty laundry. I found her panties and she smelled amazing. I had a little trouble talking to her after that and often had to hid an erection.
    - Finally about two years ago I was traveling and needed a hair brush. I look at one and thought "that will be good for hair and the handle is going to feel amazing as a dildo." Bought it on the spot and both statements were true. Still have it. Has anyone else done that?
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  15. chad33705

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  16. OklaStroker

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    When I was a baby I was poorly circumcised, cut an an extreme angle. So now, from the top, my penis appears to be cut, but on the underneath side I basically still have all my foreskin left. At a certain point, being a lazy teen, I pretty much disregarded the fact I need to roll back my foreskin and clean really well. The consequence was that small pimples (for lack of a better word) developed inside my foreskin and around the edge of it. It freaked me out. I mustered up the courage to tell my mother and after my next shower she examined it. She instantly scolded me a bit for not cleaning it properly. She then started use her thumbs to squeeze and open up the blemishes. As she did this, I could feel my penis start to grow, and hoped she couldn't feel the reaction taking place,

    Once I could feel it was at an official state of semi I extended an "I'm so sorry." I didn't know what else to say. "it's purely a natural reaction. Relax, it's ok. You're not offending me." In a strange way, even though her squeezing of the pimples was uncomfortable at times, it also felt good in a way. The more she opened them up, the harder I got until I was fully erect and soon after started to leak precum. She would open a pimple and then wipe the area off she had been squeezing on and then wipe the head to keep it from letting it run down onto her hand I assume. At one point I felt my breathing starting to get quicker and deeper. She stopped and looked up. "Are you ok? Am I hurting you?"

    I could tell it was going to happen and soon. "No, no. It's about to...." She finished the sentence for me, "SQUIRT???" And right then the first long squirt of cum shot from my penis. I instantly started to repeatedly apologize. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." My mother, in one motion, grabbed my penis around the shaft and instantly had the paper towel she had been using to wipe the pus and precum off of my penis in her other hand. She held it and had it pointed into the paper towel. It just kept squirting. "Don't be sorry. It's ok. Just relax and let it all out."

    As she threw the paper towel in the trash and then started to wash her hands, I asked her "Am I in trouble?" She looked at me shocked and said "God no, honey. You can't help that. It's going to be a possibility until we get all those spot to clear up. Nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of."

    It never felt sexual in any way, if that makes sense. More so as like she was just doing something as a mother to make sure her son was as healthy as can be. I never had any desire to have sex with her or anything like that. Although I did eventually look forward to the evenings she was going to care for those blemishes, and I'm not real sure how to feel about that. This is the first time I've ever told this story though.
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  17. phil1965

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    Not mine personally, but one I was told about several years ago, there was this woman, I won't name her, anyway she was a lovely lady, but her husband was a real asshole, always being horrible to her, you know the type, a real prick!
    well he liked bouf bourginion (a beef casserole) and came home one day and told her that he wanted it for dinner the following night, he didn't ask her, he told her, and he'd been horrible to her all day, this is where it got interesting, in a disgusting sort of way, but very hilarious as you'll see shortly.
    Now the thing about this woman was some years earlier she'd had a stomach problem that required surgery, leaving her with a colostomy bag, apparently, mushrooms, just go straight through, when you have a 'bag' fitted, and it so happened that she'd eaten something containing mushrooms earlier that day.The following morning she prepared his dinner ready for him coming home from work, however she decided to use recycled mushrooms, so in went the ones out of her bag!
    The story goes that she served up his meal when he got home her excuse for not joining him was she'd eaten earlier, her satisfaction from seeing him eating the mushrooms was made all the better by the way he kept complimenting her on how it was the best one she'd ever made and he'd love to know what the secret was, somehow I bet he wouldn't have enjoyed it as much if he'd known where she'd 'picked' the mushrooms from. lol
  18. phil1965

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    I once worked at this place where I was able to get hold of certain pretty expensive items, they were aquired perfectly legally, but at a tiny fraction of their retail cost, anyway this very attractive girl I knew happened to mention to me that she wanted a certain item.. I said if she performed a certain sex act on me then I'd get her one, she agreed, but said she wanted to actually see the item to prove I'd got it, she wasn't daft!
    Anyway I got the said item, and she performed the sex act, she'd no idea that I'd got it from work for next to nothing, she thought I'd paid full price, so when she mentioned that there were other items she fancied, I suggested that we continue our little 'arrangement' and she readily agreed.
    I had one very attractive woman who I was having a thing with, one night we'd gone out and I'd 'borrowed' a very expensive pair of boots for her to try on, she'd had a few drinks and kept saying how much she liked the boots and how much of a shame it was that they had to go back, towards the end of the evening she had a little 'accident' which resulted in not only her jeans, but also the boots getting rather wet, naturally they couldn't go back after that, so she offered to pay for them in kind. I pretended to be really upset over the boots, it was me who'd borrowed them I reminded her, anyway I accepted, and pay she did, it was a fantastic night.
    She never found out the real story behind how I got the boots, I think she felt clever thinking up the idea of wetting them in order to keep them, I thought I was even cleverer in getting her to perform all kinds of sex acts as 'payment'. lol
  19. MagicLettuce

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    I have had many dreams, desires to have some sort of thing between my sister-in-law AND mother-in-law, it's just a beautiful family.

    First time I met my SIL it just happened in my head, she has the same figure as my wife. but just something about her I know she would be naughty. Same for my MIL, everytime I see them I just want to do stuff with them.

    I feel like my SIL teases me sometimes..
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  20. PGA

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    I had the same fantasy about my SIL and MIL. Both of them were gurges as my wife. I fantasized about them many times while I masturbated or fucking my wife.
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