Here is my confession, what is yours?

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by tokeandpoke, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. tokeandpoke

    tokeandpoke Guest

    I didn't see a thread like this in the first couple of pages so I thought it might be interesting.

    My confession. I have the hugest crush on one of my new friends. He is 12 years younger than me and i honestly dont care :D

    just call me Mrs. Robinson.
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  2. endnow

    endnow Member

    My confession:

    I have not once came during sex with my gf without fantasizing about something else, even if it's her in the fantasy (which it often is). I find her very attractive, love fucking her and from focusing just on the sex with her I can get so close to coming but can never get over the edge. I always need to think of something else to get over the edge no matter what we're doing.

  3. tokeandpoke

    tokeandpoke Guest

    i guess you and i are the only ones with confessions.

    if i added, i am married, my friend is not, my husband knows him and thinks he's gay (but he's not) and he comes to hang out quite often and we toke. i would like nothing more than to have my cake and eat it too.

    come on folks, there must be more dirty little secrets here :)
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  4. PurpByThePound

    PurpByThePound purpetrator

    i was born without a penis

    i had a donkey dick grafted to my pubic area

    wasn't entirely pleased with it, so i got another dick grafted next to it. awesome.
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  5. endnow

    endnow Member

    You gonna cheat on your hubby??


    I have a huge crush on this librarian she is like in her 50s
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  7. JeffSorrows

    JeffSorrows Member

    I suppose, I should make a confession, though I don't know what to confess. Someone give me a suggestion on something I might have inside to confess. I really like my partner, she is quite beautiful, and would love to show her and the amazing body that she occupies to the world, but she wouldn't like me doing that. I almost just want to show her off, so she can build her self-esteem up, she's 105lbs (pounds U.S. measuring system) she feels overweight, not much but I have sincerely thought about show casing her absolutely perfect physique to people to have their replies to relay to her, but I haven't told her how badly I want to do that. She'd probably get pissed and smack me, but I just might like that ;]
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  8. MuchaGanja

    MuchaGanja Member

    I have a massive crush on my therapist.
  9. colliemanrae

    colliemanrae Guest

    I have a crush on someone who is 26 and i'm 17...and i'm pretty sure he likes me too....fucked up right>;(
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  10. FireflyInTheDark

    FireflyInTheDark Sell-out with a Heart of Gold

    I'm a pity-fucker. Inadequacy and self-loathing turn me on. When I was single, acting like you could never get with me would probably get you with me. I am not proud of this, because I'm sure it speaks to my own issues, but we're being honest, so thar ya be. Luckily, I'm engaged, so no more of that. 'Twas a bad habit for all concerned.

    Watching stuff like Phantom of the Opera is still as good as porn to me, though. o.0
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  11. I'minmyunderwear

    I'minmyunderwear voice of sexy

    show her off against her wishes, and then you'll have something to confess.
  12. JeffSorrows

    JeffSorrows Member

    uploading pic now.. nah jk, I feel more bad thinking about it, than probably actually doing it, then she wouldn't have anything else to do, but accept the compliments. So that sucks haha.
  13. dark suger

    dark suger Dripping With Sin!

    I wanted to fuck my high school history teacher so bad that sometimes when I think that it won't ever happen I want to cry
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  14. JeffSorrows

    JeffSorrows Member

    I once had dirty acts in a church bathroom.. yeah I'm going to hell.. I only knew her for about half the sermon, and left because I couldn't face the preacher afterwords and didn't get a number =[
  15. I used the kitchen scissors to clean up my pubes when i was 14 :\ I only rinsed it and took it to my room. Came home and saw my nana using it to cut the noodles for dinner that night.
  16. LetLovinTakeHold

    LetLovinTakeHold Cuz it will if you let it

    I laughed out loud.

    My confession is that I hate my ex, but really want to have sex with her. Angry sex can be hot. I want to give her the best sex she's ever had and immediately leave with my middle fingers up. That probably sounds mean....but you don't know my ex.
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  17. JeffSorrows

    JeffSorrows Member

    ah haha that's just wrong, I wouldn't be very hungry that night xD

    I know what you mean and it is fun, just go out and do it. It'll be great, and really when you're done spit on the floor next to her. I told my ex she was a whore, and threw a couple benji's on her chest. I'm fucked up, I know but she deserved it, she just got pissed and we started up again in the bathroom while I was cleaning my stuff off, and was great. Though I'm a sick bastard for the shit I can pull off I know. But I'm full of horrible acts I used to do, to make everyone seem like a saint, but really it's amazing just go for it. Except always best to do something humiliating to the other person rather than just flip the bird. Though you probably shouldn't..

    I once took too much xanax and just couldn't get it up, leading to an awkward moment, I tried to make it sexxy and used fingers instead.. Was embarrassed on the inside but she didn't notice since I was still sober enough to be smooth about it haha.
  18. I didn't eat :\ But i still feel so bad lol
  19. DO IT!!!! If she is really a horrible person then this is her Karma ;)
  20. Eruantion

    Eruantion Member

    My confession is that I hate admitting that I've had sex. Only two people knew that I have had sex before I came to this message board (other than the couple of people that she told, but I've personally never mentioned it). Myself, and my girlfriend at the time, whom was the partner in crime.

    So, I guess this is really two confessions in one. I've had sex... and I hate admitting it.

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