here is another one of my excerpts....

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by gnarkill_chik, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. gnarkill_chik

    gnarkill_chik Member

    A Bond of Questions.

    What can you say about an eye?
    That sees inner truth?
    The lines that never end, are they curiosity
    or sadness that never dies?

    You can see their bitter taste,
    Their inhumane emotions that bottle up
    and splash out into the world

    You see a sunset; what does it bring to you?
    It brings calm, peace, an interaction with real happiness.

    Mad children play, with their soft voices that lift the earth,
    with colors splattered on the world like paint meeting paper.

    You hear the echoing of death burning
    In flames, until you meet the eye which holds your secret weapon
    to happiness...
  2. Lozi

    Lozi Senior Member

    "the echoing of death burning"....i like this line because it feels like an echoe. like i can heaqr the crackling resonate...excellent line

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