Discussion in 'Jewelry' started by May Aizelle, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. May Aizelle

    May Aizelle Member

    ok heres the deal Im hard up for cash so Im gonna start selling some of my hempyness.. I can make anklets bracelets and chokers I can also make these crazy little headband things too.. so if your interested PM me and I can show you pictures of what I've done... Id REALLY appreciate it if anyone out there is interested :D
  2. Salem Blair

    Salem Blair Member

    u know, it might help if u put up a few pics of what u can do just so we can see it in here :)
  3. Neuronaut7

    Neuronaut7 Member

    Sell em to your friends and co-workers, it's pretty easy to make money off of hemp bracelets and whatnot. Just start making them and showing people and offering to make them (be sure to mention that you're SELLING them).

    All I did was make one for a friend's graduation gift, people saw me making it while I was there, started asking for them, started making them at work, selling them to coworkers...it's a good plan, but I wouldn't expect to make too much money selling them on a forum. Especially a forum about making the jewelry....maybe offer in the other forums?

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