Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by schatzi, May 15, 2004.

  1. schatzi

    schatzi Member

    I have the chicken song stuck in my head. You know the one that doesn't have any words and has a lot of weird gestures. they play them at weddings, of all places, a lot of the time. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

  2. olhippie54

    olhippie54 Touch Of Grey Lifetime Supporter

    If it's played at weddings I wouldn't know.

    I don't do weddings or funerals. I hate watching life come to an end.
  3. HappyHaHaGirl

    HappyHaHaGirl *HipForums Princess*

    I know what you're talking about. This lady at a hockey game kept doing it so I started throwing french fries at her head.... It's annoying as shit. My advice is to just shoot the next person you see doing it, plus whoever taught it to you. Then start singing Christmas songs. They're always their to brainwash you!
  4. Yes, I think I know what you are talking about.
    It is actually a Dutch song and I am not proud of that one.
  5. schatzi

    schatzi Member

    I was at an art museam once when I got the Brady Bunch themesong stuck in my head. That can just about ruin any moment.

    Good advice, though. I think I may just end up doing that!

  6. schatzi

    schatzi Member

    Yeah, I heard it first at my aunt's wedding in Austria. it really is quite annoying.

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