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    The History Channel did a show on the book. They debunked nearly everything.
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    I'd already read a cpl books along the same lines--"Holy Blood Holy Grail", "The Jesus conspiracy"--and after cross referrencing some of the "facts" presented in the latter I realised the author was pulling shit out of his ass in order to sell a book.

    So I haven't read this latest "Christ survived the crucifixtion, christ was married" story.

    If you're bothered by it pick out some of the "facts" the author presents, cross reference, and and see what other sources have to say.

    Clue: If most sources disagree with the author on even minor points, and you can't find anything to back up what the author says, he's probably making shit up in order to reinforce his theories and counting on the probablility that most readers won't bother to do any of their own research.
    Either that or the authors own research was really sloppy and biased.

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