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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by phoschild, Jan 25, 2009.

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    Hi I'm new to this forum, please forgive me if I'm not doing something correctly.

    I just woke up from one of the most vivid and abstract dreams I've ever had last night. I can't help but think that the dream is trying to convey something to me as a reflection of my subconscious, but I can't figure out what exactly. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

    There is my brother Jim. He's leisurely jogging up a green slope. As he reaches the top of the hill, I notice my friend Sam, embracing a woman. Their faces are softened by the mild rosy light of the setting sun. Gradually, they dissolve into the dense, orange air. All of a sudden, everything disappears and I find myself in bed. I'm trying to go back to my dream of the green slope but I'm not able to. Then I get up and open my bedroom door. Through my door, I see a long beach. The air is brisk and the sun isn't out yet. The tide is high as water rushes into my bedroom.
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    Be welcome, phoschild, and thank you for sharing !

    I for one think dreams have multiple meanings depending on how you look on it. But to find what it means for you, you may want to go back into dreaming and watch whatever unfolds to your mind's eye then, and find the answers are already present, like the sea that reaches out to you.

    Imagine you are the earth yourself, and in love with the sun. You are the sun, too, and all the coming and going, the setting and rising, the sleep and the waking, the turning and dancing round, the empty places and the fulfillment, the separation and the merging are all part of your life story and are the meaning itself. It is about growing in awareness of who you are, and opening the heart. All the others in your dream assist you with it, helping you to see and reach beyond. And eventually, the highest mountain may become a green mole hill then.

    How you act on the dream in your daily life may give it a new meaning as well, and realize that you already changed with it.

    This is just a suggestion, I hope it makes sense.
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    i think your dreaming of a past life you were once in and that was your most rememberable expierience and crossing over from when you died in your past life
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    Hi phoschild,
    The ocean will forever symbolize the approach of the universal mystery, the unknown. Meeting it is the beginning true interaction with life itself. This process can be very frightening for many persons having a life transition, but it appears you have the mind to meet it gracefully.

    All the males in this dream symbolize yourself. A slope symbolizes an individual's progress. Arduous, wearying slopes are draining activities with little gain; sunny, green slopes suggest the person is well-equipped to make progress, with the perspective he currently has.

    The union of polarities -- in this case, man (your friend Sam) and woman -- denotes the re-establishment of old connections within the psyche. Jung has proven, individuals suppress, ignore, and castrate aspects of themselves that do not fit with societal definitions. These ostracized elements of the psyche condensate into the Shadow (the woman). Reuniting with these elements in spite of social pressure rebalances the individual. For deeper analysis, you may want to summarize 2-3 words which describe your friend Sam, and explore the question "what if I developed these virtues in myself?" It may be the key to that blessed union between self and shadow.

    The color orange symbolizes connection. The sky denotes heaven, blessing, and higher perspectives. You may be able to rejoin the schemes of the heaven, and go with the grain of creation itself, if you achieve the victory this dream depicts.

    And just so you know, a house symbolizes the self, while the bedroom and bed are even more concentrate symbols of self. You may not have been able to "get back to" the pleasant victory, because first you must descend into the unknown (the ocean rushing in).

    Please learn to trust and have some faith in the animated world. Everything will be fine, I promise.

    Best of luck.

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