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Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms' started by welshspencer, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. welshspencer

    welshspencer Member

    Hi all

    Yesterday I took about 50 g of fresh Brazian Mushrooms. had very slight hallucinations and to get them I had to focus...
    I worked out that about 50g fresh is about 5 g dry...

    next time i have some. i would like a stronger affect . should i take about 70g fresh

    Iam a male weighing about 224 lbs
  2. i would sugest 8 grams dried if 5 only gave you slight hallucinations...
  3. welshspencer

    welshspencer Member

    Thanks Zen Master.

    I will dry my next flush out and take, 8 grams dried. i understand that different types of Mushrooms have differnet effects, so if i get a diffrent type for my next grow I will take about 5 g dried until I find out its strength.. but i hear that Hawaiian are very strong and should only take 1-2 g ???

    Have ten peyote Buttons waiting for me to have lol
  4. sorry, im no shroom expert... i only have a bit of experiance with one type of shroom where the same happend to you as me, i would just try a little bit of the hawwian and see what happens then make a judgment call
  5. welshspencer

    welshspencer Member

    Cheers Zen Master..

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