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Discussion in 'Portuguese' started by Redleezard, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. Redleezard

    Redleezard Member

    Is anybody out there willing to listen to a song in Portuguese and tell me whether it sounds good or not?

    I had a demo song put together by a studio in Brasil and I don't speak Portuguese, so I can't really tell whether they did a good job or not. If they did a good job, I will have them record an entire album for us.

    I am not asking for comments on the background music or the sound of their vocals, I am concerned with whether they did a good job of translating from English into Portuguese, whether it sounds smooth and flows well and whether it sounds natural. It is a children's song about a comic character, The Green Goblin.

    If anybody is willing to help, I will email the .mp3 file to you.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. tartaruga

    tartaruga Member

    I m portuguese and can help you
  3. mfelicio

    mfelicio Member

    I can help also. I'm from Sao Paulo.

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