help, what should I do???

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by pazyamor, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. pazyamor

    pazyamor Member

    Im deeply in love with a guy from my school, and when I invited him to my house he told me he has a girlfriend.....I almost die.
    she lives 20 hours away, and he visits her only in vacations, but sometimes I think thats not an excuse to try something with him, cause thats unfair for the girl.....otherwise I simply cant look at him just as a friend
    but I really really love him, he´s all I want in a man, and I feel very sad...
    what should I do?
  2. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    ummmmm not enough info.. what would u be breaking up if u broke them up? is it an occassional stop in for a weekend romp kinda thing?
    the relationship im in now, shed had something like that not really but contact & everything was occassional, they enjoyed bein together when they were together but wasnt really love & we fell deeply in love .. i would just hang out get to kno him enjoy being with him.. be careful bout lettin things go that way unless your sure..i mean with us they went & went & they went b4 we were sure..but i think we knew weve been together nearly constant for 4 weeks he called her 1 time she said well.. id like to get together to say bye.. that was bout to him.. see what hes about shes about whats goin on in his life.. see if your gonna get yourself into something youll regret in hours or long they been together how is theyre relationship..
    id say in most leave it alone
    how old r u?
    i d8unno cause.. think if u were aw3ay from your love a year say & only got to see him every 3 months & a chick comes along/... how real are your feelings? how real are u feel u cant have those or more intence feelings for anyone else
    be careful.. ya wanna be thought of as a horny mistake? whats there & available?
    theres alot to think about if your willin to try jumpin into something... or..u can just jump & hope your not just somethin he might regret..
    take it all into concideration..& be careful to do it right whatever u do choose to do..

    keep in mind..its extremely ez to get into some1..lust for e,m..wanna be with em...its extremely hard to find that 1 love... your really young ..youll prolly have way more of the former b4 u find the latter r u willin to break up somethin thats surviving a 20 hour distance... for somethin that might be a mommentary fling? really concider that
  3. Allonym

    Allonym cheesecake slut

    how can you think youre in love with him if you werent close enough to him to know that he has a girlfriend? just sounds... i dunno, lik eyou arent really close enough to him for it to be real deep true love, and not just puppy love or lust
  4. Pepopstico

    Pepopstico Member

    don't break up his relationship so he can be with you. bad karma.
    also, do you really want somebody who dumps his girlfriend for you? increases the odds that he'll dump you when somebody else shows up, because that's the kind of guy you selected.
  5. Poem~Girl

    Poem~Girl Member


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