Help the suffering children of Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Protest' started by peaceout, May 13, 2004.

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    Whether you think the war was proper or not, no one wants to see innocent children suffer. For 89 cents you can send them some pens and make them happy. Here a soldier explains:


    It seems that the children of Afghanistan want nothing more than they want a pen.

    It was explained to me that the villages through which I traveled (near Kandahar, where I'm based) are so poor that a pen is like a scholarship to these children. They desperately want to learn but, without a pen, they simply won't. It's a long story. I won't bore you with it. Trust me, though, when I say that it would be a big deal if even a few of you could put up the call for pens for me. Anyone interested in helping out could either send some directly to me or go to these sites and send them, where you can find them for as cheap as $.89 a dozen.

    You can send them to me at this address:

    Terry L. Welch
    105th MPAD
    Kandahar Public Affairs Office
    APO AE 09355

    I edited out his site list - he linked to Officemax and Office Depot. Office Depot was making it very difficult to enter a military shipping address, so I went through Office Max. Spend a few bucks - send a few pens.

    ...Office Max does require a delivery address phone number, but I just put in my own. I put in "Armed Forces" rather than Armed Forces America or Armed Forces Pacific...
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    Have you ever seen an Afghan childs face when an American soldier hands them toys? Lifechanging. You posted a very worthwhile thread peaceout, it's just too bad that nobody here thought it was good enough to respond too. I guess just sitting here and complaining about it is better.

    You know, every one of us has a couple articles of clothing, an extra blanket, some old toys, even canned food and other goods. Instead of protesting about everything try being proactive in helping to solve a problem. Help give to the people that really NEED this stuff.

    Part of the stuff we are doing in Afghanistan is giving some of these suffering refugees supplies they need. What did these children ever do to anybody? Why not start an example and show these poor Afghan people that America is as generous as they should be. And also give the U.S. troops a break, we are doing what many of you should be doing if you really cared about these people.
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