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Discussion in 'Europe' started by SyrinX, May 13, 2004.

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    Hi Everyone!

    I'm a Canadian Citizen and im thinking of doing some major extended travelling throughout Europe for a couple of years to try and do some serious soul searching... Im thiking of basing my self out of Switzerland cause I love skiing and hey ... Switzerland got some wicked ski hills :)

    the only problem is Health Insurance I got spoiled to living in a country where if you break your arms or get a flu its all paid for you. The Canadian Medicare system takes care of evrything for you. It's truly amazing and I woudn't want to set one foot outside my country for a LONG period of time unless I was absolutly certain of what I was getting myself into before I left.

    So... What do you know about switzerland it's healthcare, political, and economical status/systems? I KNOW FUCK ALL!

    And need to know.


    P.S. Any advice and tips would be much appreciated! Im very open about where I should go, I just wanna get away from where I am now... I Don't really have much of a future here... and want to get away from it all.
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    0 that's a good site about Switzerland, you might want to check it out. :)
    Go to Z├╝rich, my friend was there and he came back totally impressed. :) I don't know of any more, especially not health things, but you can try searching with google and i can try to find some more out. :)
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    I think Switzerland has a very good healthcare system, comparable to the ones in Germany and Canada. But I think if you want to "use" it you have to have a health insurance. Don't know exactly. But if I was you, I wouldn't set up my "base" in Switzerland. It is VERY VERY expensive there, especially in the cities or at the nice places with beautiful landscape etc - and that's nearly everywhere. You'd better "settle down" in southern Germany or Austria, both countries have parts big parts of the Alps where you can go skiing ;)

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