Help save salvia divinorum from youtube idiots!

Discussion in 'Salvia Divinorum' started by Stiney, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. Stiney

    Stiney Member

    Ok so what im proposing here is those of us with youtube acounts start watching out for new youtube videos of people on salvia and post informative coments on them about how these people are only throwing blood into the pool of sharks that is our media and lawmakers,and in turn every time a state bans salvia it will be on that persons head along with many others.We need to make people understand that these videos shjuld be deleted or posted more discretly.I belive there is also a report button maybe if reported or flagged enough they will take action and remove the video. Also give any of these videos the lowest possible rating (one star). These videos are the number one reason why salvia will become illegal across the whole of the US and in other countries. Get flagging, reporting ect now.

    Whos with me?
  2. Ynef

    Ynef Member

    I have been flagging many stupid videos for a while now. There are some really great ones in youtube that shouldn't be flagged though. I think it was something like Sacred Weeds or something... it was in parts. Great movie... lol
  3. Kalizhada

    Kalizhada Member

    I think those showing salvia used recreationally and irresponsibly should be removed. I have personal videos of my trips where i'm describing the world in between, and another where I have a conversation with my grandfather who passed away 12 years ago. In any of these videos I am in a prayer position but I'm looking around. (no laughing) Just straight transitions.
  4. Ynef

    Ynef Member

    Link? I would like to see those... :)
  5. edyb123

    edyb123 Senior Member

    Fuck that shit... Salvia can be what ever kind of drug you want it to be.

    If guys on youtube are having fun with it and not taking it in silence while meditating on the meaning of life.. then good for them.

    I think alot of those videos where people are laughing un-controlably or freaking out are hilarious.. and why should they be deleted?

    It's our right to smoke salvia and post vids of it being used on the net... it's not us who should be keeping things quite and not letting it into the eye of the media... it's the government who need to sort their asses out and not even begin to consider banning it.

    We should be happy in the fact that it is legal... and take full advantage of this... worrying about the government banning it is an issue yes... but the way to solve that is to inform the government that drugs should be legal... not by deleting youtube videos of guys having fun.
  6. Mr. Oblivious

    Mr. Oblivious Member

    thats pretty much all i have to say... Ya your right it is our right to smoke salvia and post videos on the net, and its also the governments right to see those videos, make a judgement based on a few bad people and then take our right to smoke slavia away.

    IMHO there atleast needs to be more good safe videos on the net then bad ones. but that will probably never happen because people dont want to hear or see videos of calm poeple having a good trip, they want to see people making asses out fo themselves and being all fucked up.
  7. MiNdTrIp

    MiNdTrIp Member

    it is our right to smoke it, we should have the choice. same with weed, but it hasn't stopped the government from banning it.

    most of the video's are giving it a bad rep. any ways. like the one kid who tries to make a pb "n" j and all he does is roll around acting like an idiot. these video's are really getting on my nerves.
  8. edyb123

    edyb123 Senior Member

    The government could ban it yes.. but giving in to them is not the way forward.

    The right way to go about making sure it isn't banned is to go directly to the government with pressure groups... thats if you can be bothered.

    A simple sollution is to hide it from the media.. but the BEST sollution is to sort it out properly and win the war on drugs.

    What happens to people while on salvia is irellivant.. whats wrong with trying to make a peanut butter sandwhich but instead rolling around out of your mind? 'Good' and 'Bad' use of a drug is subjective.. and the government don't have the right to ban salvia even if they have evidence of it damaging peoples health.

    The immediate but not long lasting sollution is to hide away with your salvia... the effective and long lasting sollution is to get your asses into a possition where you can lobby with the government.

    Personally.. i don't care if it gets banned.. as it will probably be easily available just as weed is.. i'd rather do what i want while i can.. and post all the videos i want instead of listening to some angry hippies.. let alone the government.

    The people ARE the government. The government voices the views of the public.. use that to your advantage but don't hide away.
  9. MiNdTrIp

    MiNdTrIp Member

    the government used to voice the opinions of the people. Millions of american's want to legalize marijuana.....has it happened yet? no. same with a lot of other subjects. The government doesn't care about our opinions, if they did, things would be a lot different. To me, all I see is the dallor making the decisions in our country.
  10. edyb123

    edyb123 Senior Member

    I'm glad i live in the uk then.
  11. MiNdTrIp

    MiNdTrIp Member

    then why are you arguing about the american government?

    and most likely as soon as america makes it illegal, all the other countries would follow.
  12. edyb123

    edyb123 Senior Member

    I'm argueing about the american government because if you want to change things for good you have to lobby with them. (if you are american)

    Also, why should people in countries that are unlikely to ban it stop posting youtube videos just because other governments are fucked up and will see this therefore banning it?
  13. MiNdTrIp

    MiNdTrIp Member

    not any more man, it really sucks. they say we can, but when we do, they don't listen.

    why ruin it for everyone else?
  14. edyb123

    edyb123 Senior Member

    eh.. ok i kind of see your point.
  15. Mr. Oblivious

    Mr. Oblivious Member

    also, the majority of the videos posted are from the States. Also, lobbying doesent work too well here, we are no longer a government of the people by the people and for the people, we are a government of the rich, for the rich, and by the rich. Case -n - point, Bush getting elected. Everyone knew it was a bad idea, but guess whos votes won out, thats right, the Rich Right Winged Republicans. Sure we can vote, and pettition, and shit but it doesent get us anywhere, what we need is some people in congress and the courts who have the same views as us, and will listen to the PEOPLE and not their egos that are just trying to get re elected. This year is Crucial, seeing as how it is an election year, i say if were gonna do something we need to really get on our game NOW.

    Wow that turned into something unexpected.
  16. MiNdTrIp

    MiNdTrIp Member


    what we need is another branch. a branch made up of nothing but working class citizens you have do not make any money, but have the same power as the senate.
  17. fieldsr

    fieldsr Member

    Edyb, I understand your point, but it's important that salvia doesn't gain a reputation as a dangerous and abusive drug. Honestly, I'm not a very spiritual person either, and I just enjoy the experience of something new and strange. That being said, I'm extremely safe about it, only use it in the presence of close friends, etc. The majority of the videos show people using it irresponsibly, and they kinda come off as tools. I watched some of the videos before trying salvia, and it almost made me not want to try it. When the uninformed masses see these videos, they associate salvia use with irresponsible tools, thus making it more likely to become banned. Basically, we just don't want people to get the wrong idea about us
  18. Kalizhada

    Kalizhada Member

    All of you please contact Google, they are youtube and demand removal of salvia videos, I will point out youtube since they dismissed my request to do so. Let's see how national attention against them will fare. I guarantee by the weekend all salvia videos will be removed. Watch the show!
  19. there has only been one youtube video that i thought was mature and appropriate. it was a girl who was trying it her first time, left the camera on most of it, and was quiet, and just tried to sort of describe what it was like during parts of it. and then afterwards when she came down gave a summary and her opinion on it.

    i agree we should flag the ones where kids are making themselves look ignorant and using it immaturely just to get fucked up and realize its just a freak out from hell if you use it with those intentions.

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