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Discussion in 'Vegetarian' started by jendi17, May 13, 2004.

  1. jendi17

    jendi17 Member

    Hey, I'm looking for some advice. My friend wants me to go on this camping trip with her and I really want to go. The problem is she's not a vegetarian and she says we're probably going to eat hamburgers and hotdogs the whole time! :( So, i was wondering if anyone has ideas about what food to bring for myself that would be good for a camping trip and healthy. thanks
  2. MySwt1

    MySwt1 Member

    do you like veggie burgers? they work on the grill...also veggie dogs(like morningstar or tofu pups)also you can take veggies: wrap corn n the cob in aluminum and throw in the briquets or wood...slice potatoes and season with herbs and a little olive oil cook in a pouch of aluminum on the grill part...if you don't wanna could just take some raw fruits and veggies ie: apples, bananas, celery, carrots, etc...also pack some granola with you for hiking, and don't forget your water :) hope this helps

  3. jendi17

    jendi17 Member

    Thanks for the advice :)
    Yeah, don't you just hate it when people complain about you being a vegetarian. I hate that! They're like well what do you eat if you don't eat meat. And i say there's lots of things besides meat to eat. ARRRGGGHHH then they will usually say something stupid about how i don't get enough iron or protein. lol. people like that just bother me :mad:
  4. Yokai-Tororu

    Yokai-Tororu Guest

    Bring good food made of natural carbohydrates. Some fruits are good for camping like apples. I eat bananas too. They can not be ripe when you go or they will get squished. Bread is vegetarian and you can eat things in bread that do not need to be in a cool box. Bananas and peanut-butter are good. It is great if you use natural peanut butter. You can eat burritos. I like kimchee and rice when I camp. Sometimes I eat canned beans or soup. There are a lot of good foods to bring camping. Don't forget to bring potatoes. Make your friends jealous and bring lots of vegetarian sweets. Hunza bread is good. Ginger cookies are good. Chocolate cakes are good too. I'm hungry.
  5. WayfaringStranger

    WayfaringStranger Corporate Slave #34

    dried fruit and nuts, it will make all the carnivoirs jealous. grilled cheese if yuo eat that , or veggie burgers and not dogs. you can make sweet potato fries, that will make em all jealous.
  6. Man, I am in the mood for a veggie burger now..... too bad I dont have any here. May have to go to the grocery store...
  7. jendi17

    jendi17 Member

    lol thanks everyone....i know all this food talk is getting me hungry.....after you are a vegetarian for awhile....doesnt the sight of meat just make you sick?
  8. WayfaringStranger

    WayfaringStranger Corporate Slave #34

    whenever people are eating meat, i refer to it by the animal name, nolt the food name, this really freaks em out.
  9. InTheFlesh

    InTheFlesh Member

    Lots and LOTS of granola. No, I'm kidding. See if you can take some nice veggieburgers. You won't have much trouble if you take your own food.
  10. jendi17

    jendi17 Member

    Thanks again everyone for the tips...yes even the smell of meat makes me want to throw up ....I'm so happy!!! I've just converted my friend into being a vegetarian!
  11. Bilby

    Bilby Freerangertarian Lifetime Supporter

    Downunder, in the fish & chip shops , shark is sold as "Flake". I always ask for shark not flake.I feel good about eating sharks because it would have ate me if it had the chance.
  12. babovic_sonja

    babovic_sonja Member

    Bilby, uhh, you say you're vegan... since when is shark flesh vegan?

    D'uhh, am I missing something?

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