!!! Help !!! Newbie family Problems. From "Kumbaya" to Evil Haters

Discussion in 'Coming Out and Confused!' started by bobsofi, Jul 25, 2013.

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    Hi all,

    We need your advice.


    5 sisters in their 50’s, parents in their 80’s. Great family, very close, never any interaction problems.
    2 years ago, a sister (we will call her Suzy) leaves her seemingly terrific husband (we will call him Fred) of 30 years for a gay women (we will call her Mary). Suzy has been having an affair with Mary for 6 months. Suzy leaves Fred (Fred has a terrific personality and makes over $50k a month), Suzy moves in with her lover Mary. Suzy has several adult children, the youngest away at college.
    None of us had any idea that Suzy and Fred were not happy.

    Suzy tells the family she is leaving Fred to live with Mary. The family explodes with anger and rallies around Fred. Invites Fred to holidays (Fred was never very involved before).

    I am the husband of the only sister that supports Suzy. I am also very supportive of Suzy.

    This has gone along now for nearly 2 years. It is tiresome and no fun from myself, or my wife, to interact with these haters.

    The 3 sisters and the mom whom object (the haters), say it is not a gay issue, they say it is an infidelity issue. They will talk on and on about how great a guy Fred is, and how wrong Suzy was to leave him. What a horrible thing she is doing to the children. They will say things like “I just can't seem to get over this”. “ I am not comfortable supporting this wrong”.

    Anyway, my life experience mental play book says. Be patient. Set the example. They will come around.

    Now my wife and I are thinking. Distance ourselves from these haters. This is painful. This family that was so “kumbaya” great, is now broken forever.

    I have seen many angry problem family's. This family that was so Kumbaya. It was amazing. It is hard to watch it whither.

    ??? What do you all suggest ???

    !!! Thanks in Advance !!!

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