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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by owen2k4, May 21, 2004.

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    right heres the deal. i started my GCSE`s for DRAMA and ive been on the course for 7 monthes now and when i started i didnt know anyone becuase they were all other peeps out of my yr in school that i never mixed with. as the course went on i started to work with a girl that i wasnt attracted to and i sed nasty things and didnt really wanna know her. Now as its gone on i work with her all the time. every oppertunity im with her or put with her. and now im doing a play with her ands its just me and her and im really falling for her and i dont really want to. Whenever im around her i get butterflies and i dont want her to go. she is really comfatble around me, tells me stuff and i dont really know her and her past etc... now im asking myself if i shud ask her out sometime or try and see if its gos away and just stay as we do but i dont wanna lose somthing is i know it could be good. We are considered really good stage actors togethers and i dunno if i shud just go for it and hope for the best or leave it and see if its gos and just talk to her as a m8. I tell her that i like her but she replies " u dont mean it " is this because im from a different crowd? well i tell her becuase im really confident around here and i not a confident guy with the girlz. She gets kinda of bullied at school because shes supposdly a slapper or a slut but i dont care i dont wanna know her past. and she just keeps getting annoyed by all the shit she is getting. do i help her out by confronting the muppets that are doing it and show her i do care ( seems as she says i dont mean it )

    whenever i tell people what i feel other than my best m8s they slag her off so im thinking is she a slag? and im really confused about what i shud do so plz help me. i think she likes me from the way she is around me but i dont wanna read the signs wrong
    thx in advance
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    just follow your heart really sound as if your in love.

    she sounds as if she's having a hard time...this is probably why she denies the fact that you like her, because she has had so little in her life that is right.

    do what's right, you know what that is. don't resort to violence, but boost her confidence, comfort her, make her realise how special she is. when you feel the time is right, tell her, tell her it all, tell her you don't want to spoil your wonderfull friendship, but can't stop thinking about taking it one step further, that you believe you love her

    good luck, do what's right, you'll do good :)

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