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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by KT87, May 21, 2007.

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    I have always had nightmares really badly and as a child I had night terrors.
    I have been able to make sense of some of my nightmares but this one I am lost on can someone try to figure the meaning of it out?

    Okay here I go In my dream I was with a small group of people they were all my friends but I actually never met these people in reality. But this small group of my friends and I where driveing around in this old fashoned neighborhood that looked like it was up north. It was daytime but the sky was a night sky and everything around me was bright like the sun was out. We made a stop and had to go into one of the houses on that street. We went into this house it was decorated in 70's theme. We sat in a dim lit room that had almost a fog in the air and musty smell. We sat and waited then this creepy old man came out and got one of the girls she was my bestfriend in the dream. He left and then I felt scared time passed in the dream then the man came out for me he was tall and elderly almost he was a dentist I found out. He took me in the back room then I sat in a chair he then strapt down my arms got all these scary sharp instruments out then started to try to rip out my teeth. It hurt so bad (I have always felt the pain in my dreams in real life). One of the guys I was with I could hear screaming the dentist left the room and I was able to break free during that time. I went and hid in a closet it was cold and dark I could hear screams. Then the man opened the door I pushed him out of my way and got outside I started running down the street he ran after me he looked evil then I ran as fast as I could then everything went black then came back all of a sudden I was ripped off the street into a black hole then I woke up.
    Now I have never had a fear of the dentist I enjoy going to it oddly enough. So I cant make sense of it.
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    The only thing I can think of is that someone is going to rip you off, to cheat you, to rob you (teeth=money loss.) The sharp instruments probably portend fights, sharp words, lies, mental attacks. The dark hole you fell into portends a period of deep depression. The dark skies portend that you won't see it coming (sun at ground level).

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